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7 Reasons Why You Need a Modern Designer Shower Tray

by admin 20 Mar 2017
Adobe Spark (2)What does your bathroom look like right now? Is your shower the centrepiece or a ghastly pit that you hope no one notices? But you notice it, right? How can you not. Every morning you’re staring down as the water drains down an old, unstylish shower tray. Exactly how clean do your feet feel when you’ve stepped out? Keeping a shower tray looking pristine and new is hard work. More work than it’s worth. The problem with plastic shower trays is the quality. Not only do they carry a higher risk of breaking but they simply don’t have a high-quality feel. Every day you shower you’re standing on plastic and you can’t ignore that. Then, as time goes by and your shower tray starts to age, the quality drops even further. Odd looking stains start to appear and the plastic can sometimes begin to yellow. Scrubbing away for hours at the stains will only get you so far. Never again will your shower tray be shinning like new. best shower trays Has it got to the point yet where you’re dreaming about completing your bathroom with a new shower tray? You need something durable, stylish, discreet yet attractive when noticed. You just can’t have the perfect new bathroom feel with that old shower tray still in there. So the hunt begins for a new shower tray, trying to find the perfect match from the multitude of different types on the market. Ultimately, you need a high-quality material you can trust to be stain-resistant, easy to clean and in the latest style. There are lots to think about when choosing a shower tray to suit your interior shower designs, you’ll be looking at different sizes, shapes and colours, wondering which will look best. First though you need to consider the material – you need the best of the best for a shower tray that will look exquisite the day you buy it and for years to come. Modern designer shower trays have come a long way, developing smooth plastic and using acrylic coats to create sleek designs. However, nothing yet compares to using natural stone resin to create solid shower trays for modern bathroom designs. You just can’t beat the look, texture and the hardiness of using natural materials. If you’ve been searching for the ultimate modern designer shower tray, look no further than the low level shower trays. Here are 7 reasons why you need one in your bathroom today!

1 - Round Modern Designs

Say goodbye to grotty, bulky plastic shower trays. Your bathroom deserves much better. Stone resin shower trays look absolutely stunning. They bring the ultimate classy feel to your bathroom design. Elegant slopes and microscopically smooth surfaces will give your shower a graceful effortless feel that you won’t find with any other type of shower tray available. Capture5 You use your shower regularly, we hope every day! It’s about time you invested in a designer shower tray that looks the part. Imagine stepping out of your shower each morning feeling like you’re in a 5* hotel; your bathroom the height of stylish modern sophistication. Sure, a plastic shower tray may be cheaper and appear sparkling white the first time you shower… but it won’t impress anyone that uses it, and it certainly won’t stay that way forever. Don’t be that person with the grotty bathroom. Don’t leave your feet swimming in a yellowing plastic tub each time you shower. You need stylish, crisp designs that match your interior design tastes. Have a look at the images of these low level shower trays – note how their design could fit perfectly with any modern bathroom design and imagine how they’d fit into yours.

2 - Round Solid Stone for Supreme Quality and Feel

It’s early morning, the day is ahead of you. Imagine feeling the cool, smooth, refreshing and invigorating stonework under your feet as you wash and get ready for the day. Imagine stepping out of the shower feeling as illustrious as the shower tray below you. You don’t get that with an ordinary shower tray design. For the luxury lifestyle so many desire, your home needs to look and feel the part. That includes your shower. Class, elegance, style: it’s not just the stunning look of the resin stone. It’s the feel of luxury. It’s the knowledge that you’re standing on 100% natural stone resin, a handcrafted designer shower tray that looks and feels the part. Solid stone resin is extremely robust and durable. It’s the perfect material for your shower. The non-porous structure of resin makes it very difficult to stain. There’s nowhere for the dirt to hide and cling to. Not even solid granite can match that. These low level shower trays are practical. The solid stone is unbelievably strong and resistant. It’s able to withstand a lot of weight, daily use and frequent onslaughts of water.

3 - Round Low Level Design

A stone resin shower tray is the complete opposite of the ungraceful plastic tub design we are so familiar with seeing. Take a look at the smooth, discreet style of the designer shower tray. Capture2 The unique dome cover at the side of the tray is both elegantly shaped and practical. No one with a designer shower tray need look down a gaping shower drain. Furthermore, the position of the high-quality dome keeps it discreetly out of the way yet an essential part of the overall design. Hovering only 10mm from the floor, these designer shower trays will help keep your bathroom feeling like an open space and each day a breath of fresh air as you enter the shower. The result? These shower trays mould effortlessly and seamlessly into your current bathroom design. The slim design ensures that the shower tray will never be an eye-sore, neither will you trip over it in the morning. It’s been perfectly designed to be much easier to use than an average shower tray and its graceful shape and design make it an impressive yet practical addition to your bathroom. Not only are these low line trays perfect for your shower, but the low sloping design make them an excellent choice for wet rooms that faultlessly flow from bathrooms to shower areas.

4 - Round Masterfully tried and tested

Despite being so low to the floor with slim elegant slopes, these shower trays can cope with a flow rate of 33 litres of water per minute. The average UK shower water flow is only 17 litres per minute.* This shower tray truly is a master at draining away the water without spilling a drop. Capture4 You won’t ever be left standing in a pool of dirty shower water as you wash. There won’t be any splashes, leaks or overflows from these shower trays either. Surprising, isn’t it? The slimmest, most shallow slopes, yet not a drop is wasted. These shower trays have been meticulously tried and tested for quality, looks and usability. Check, check and check. This makes them perfect for use in wet rooms. With a low line shower tray like these designer ones, you need not worry about waterproofing the entire room: the shower tray has extraordinary control; it’s a master at draining away water quickly and efficiently. The hard stone resin material is incredibly strong and hard-wearing. It’s the ultimate shower tray material, being able to withstand use day after day without wear from draining away all that water. Stone resin shower trays are far superior to plastic cheaper options. They’re high-quality, usable, durable and trustworthy. They have passed the tests to prove it.

5 Self-cleaning vortex design

You might think a natural stone, high quality product needs to be pampered and carefully maintained to keep it looking so polished and perfect. However, these designer shower trays are crafted with a self-cleaning vortex design. The sophisticated lines of the shower tray direct all dirt and water down to be drained away, leaving no puddles that would form and leave marks as they dry. Capture1 Shower trays are no longer a nightmare to clean! Never again will you be required to get down on your knees to clean, scrub and care for a shower tray to keep it looking pristine. These designer shower trays will never yellow as they age; their durable nature ensures the colour you pick for your shower tray is the colour that stays from the first to last use. This easy to maintain material is also much more hygienic than alternative plastic shower tray options. Stone resin materials are non-porous and therefore highly stain-proof. The pores in some other shower tray materials can create perfect crevices for bacteria, mould and dirt to gather in – that won’t ever be a problem with resin stone. Visually the surface is impeccably smooth and microscopically stone resin reaches a level of smoothness that is unmatched. This may sound like a slippery material, almost dangerous to stand on when wet. But be reassured, the shower trays are easy to grip and have been tested for safety and practicality purposes. The material is cut and crafted by experts. These shower trays are the hygienic answer to your shower tray nightmares.

6 - Round Effortless Installment

By this point you may be thinking that a heavy stone shower fixture must be a nightmare to fit. But you’d be mistaken. Purchasing and picking up or having your shower tray delivered won’t ever be a problem; once packaged securely they don’t require specialist handling while they’re in transit. Installing your designer shower tray is a very simple and easy process. The tray is as light as possible for a stone material due to the ultra slim design – without impacting on the natural tensile strength of the shower tray. The process is no different to installing a standard shower tray, yet the result is a million times better. You can achieve the luxury look of a professionally designed and constructed bathroom by selecting one of these shower trays and installing it yourself with no hassle. Simply find the right size shower tray for your bathroom and install it quickly where your previous shower tray was; ready for use. Whether you’re replacing your old shower tray or cutting a very shallow hole for your new shower, it’s an easy job that’s no different to installing any other shower. That’s why you shouldn’t even hesitate to invest in these trays – they are superior in each and every aspect, including instalment. There is absolutely no aggravation. It is simple!

7 - Round Handmade in the UK

A stylish, well-made, luxury shower tray. You may be imagining that this is the work of superbly efficient German manufacturers or stylish minimalist designers from the Netherlands or Sweden. Or perhaps little shower elves from a faraway magical land. You’d be wrong. These stone resin shower trays are 100% British; handmade in the UK by local expert craftsmen.  How does it feel to know your bathroom fixtures have been hand crafted by experts? Great! This is where luxury items reach a whole new level that mass-produced machine products just can’t reach. These shower trays elevate your bathroom from the humdrum monotony of everyday life and make your shower a place you will never want to leave! The stone resin is made from 100% natural stone and cut into thin, incredibly strong sheets to be carved into the flowing designs ready for your bathroom and shower fixtures. With each tray being tested for quality and thoroughly checked to ensure it’s flawless, you know you are getting the very best. These shower trays are a product of British ingenuity; something us Brits have been the forefront of for centuries. Anyone who chooses one of these British resin stone shower trays is showing their support for British design, manufacture and craftsmanship. That’s something to be proud of.

How do I get one?

So, you’ve decided that you need a designer shower tray in your bathroom designs. This is a decision you won’t regret. Welcome to the pampered life of having real luxury in your daily shower. Here at Serene Bathrooms, we stock a range of slimline designer shower trays in many different sizes; it’s very simple to order one online via our website Simply check your interior designs or measure your current shower tray to work out what size slimline shower tray you need. Each and every slimline shower tray fully complies with EN274 European standards for shower flow rates. That means your shower tray is efficient, approved and meets the benchmark of standards. It’s important to us that all our products are of the highest quality. Purchase online and have your low-level shower tray delivered to your home, simply install and enjoy the luxury feel, quality and design. With our brilliant lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, you really have nothing to lose. Click here to see our designer shower trays and to order your own.
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