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Bath Taps

Our Quick Guide To Buying Bath Taps

Bath taps are among the most used hardware in your bathroom, so it is important when buying new ones to make the right choice for your bathroom décor and style. You will only find bath taps made to a high standard here, that are available at extremely affordable prices. We understand that it can be intimidating choosing new bath taps as there are so many to choose from. Worry not though, as we are here to help with the guide below covering the most important considerations you need to make when looking for the best bathroom taps for your bathroom.

Types of Bath Taps Available

We have a number of different bath tap styles available. The one that is best for you, like many of the considerations in this guide, will depend on your own preferences and bathroom set-up. Some of the different bath tap types we offer range from simple hot and cold tap sets which are ideal if your shower is arranged separately; to the mixer bath taps which are aimed at people looking to incorporate a shower system into their bath.


The materials bath taps are made from is important to consider. Two of the main materials we use in our bath taps are ceramic and solid brass. Ceramic bath taps do not suffer from much wear and tear compared to other materials; while solid brass taps are popular with our customers because they are not as susceptible to corrosion as other materials.


Arguably the finish used on your taps is more important than the materials used when it comes to aesthetics. We have three main finishes used on our bath taps, including nickel, chrome and gold. Nickel is a little pricier than other options, but one that offers a longer life. Chrome is also incredibly popular with many people choosing it due of the fact it offers protection against corrosion, scratching and has a contemporary, shiny look.

Your Water System Pressure

The water pressure your system produces is another important consideration to make when choosing bath taps. Simply because there are some bath tap styles and types that require a specific water pressure level or they won't function properly.


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