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The Beauty of Frameless Shower Doors

by admin 06 Sep 2017

Stunning Frameless Shower Enclosures

  Modernisation is a gift to be embraced and not resented. In the trendy and ever expanding innovative industry dealing with the manufacture of bathrooms and their accessories, a lot of research has been done to come up with the perfect design to meet the consumers need in the market. This has culminated in us being gifted with the new kid on the block, Frameless Shower Enclosures and Doors. This is in a bid to capitalise on three major items; fluidity, openness and flow. These unique designs have now been embraced and appreciated significantly by most home owners and in most hospitality premises due to their numerous advantages as compared to other alternatives. Need some inspiration? Pinterest is a great resource of design styles and ideas. Before elaborating on the outstanding characteristics of the enclosures, it is worth noting that frameless shower enclosures differ from the showers with frames not only due to the obvious reason that they lack frames, but in various other ways ranging from their convenience in space, health reasons, durability, being classy and flexibility amongst other reasons. There are also semi framed enclosures that incorporate soma bit of frame for support while most areas lack frames. The reasons consumers have embraced the frameless shower enclosures as compared to alternatives are discussed below.

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Modern and Elegant Design

Modern framless shower enclosure

Chief among the reasons many people prefer the frameless shower enclosures have to be their modern and classy designs and appearance. If you are one who is into elegance and class, this will be a much-appreciated product. They are available in various designs, shapes and sizes to fit the varied preferences across the market. They offer a satisfying aesthetic appearance and create an ambience as opposed to the traditional shower designs which have glaring frames and hard lines that destroy the aesthetic appearance. You can opt for frosted pane glass or tempered glass such as that featured in the Orca Sliding Shower Door.

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Resilient by Nature

Tempered Glass

These designs also have proven tough and sturdy compared to other more traditional designs. Durability has thus been a key selling feature of the product. This is because of manufacturers’ deliberate intention to minimise on their client's frequent trips occasioned by the need to replace parts. Obviously, this would cause negative publicity much to the disadvantage of sellers so the need to provide a product that scores when it comes to durability. Standard glasses ideally have a thickness ranging from ⅜ inch to ½ inch that is meant to make the material structurally safe and sound. The glass has also been proven to be scratch resistant so the beauty is preserved for a long time.

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Cost Saving in the Long Run

Frameless Shower Rollers The obvious absence of any metal material during manufacture makes issues of corrosion an unheard of complaint as far as the frameless shower doors are concerned. There will therefore not be a need of replacing a corroded or rusty part as would have been had you invested in a framed shower. This is indeed a plus in your attempt as a buyer to maximise on saving in your budget as you will not have to replace any component once you have it perfectly installed. The fact that they lack frames effectively reduces the elements that can break. However, it is important to note that the nature of the panel and the quality of material used in making the enclosure is a significant determinant of the cost.

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Maximises on Space

Wet room shower screen by Orca

Frameless shower enclosures and wet room screens are a worthwhile investment for those planning to maximise on space and openness without compromising on design. They have thus been gaining fame by the day among homeowners and glamour enthusiast world over. The lack of a frame and vivid transparency enables you to save extensively on space and gives the shower space a feel that it is large enough for you to enjoy that all important relaxing bath after a hectic day at work. This frameless design is a great plus on innovation and an endearing feature specific to these the enclosures. There are also various forms of forms of art to choose from as far as the glass material is concerned ranging from patterned, etched or bowed. Variety is thus guaranteed for the various customers’ needs. However, the type of door also plays a role in space as hinged doors occupy more space than pivot doors. Sliding doors are the ideal for saving on space.


Interior Beauty is Showcased

Flipper panel wet room screen Since the design is made entirely of transparent glass, one has the fulfilling opportunity to showcase the exquisite components in the interior ranging from tiles (made of ceramic, glass or granite), bath fixtures and other interior decors. The absence of supporting for weight support or sliding means most of the frameless glass doors are operated by use of hinges or through swinging them open.

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Transparent is Glamorous

When you look at the shower enclosure tucked in the corner, you can easily miss it due to the transparent glass that adorns it. This lack of appearance has endeared it among many. The additional fact that the shower door is hardly noticeable continues to be a major seller. This has endeared the designs to most buyers. It has also made attempts to make bathrooms appear large and more open a major success. The frameless enclosures have succeeded in transforming bathroom spaces into areas exhibiting luxury and peaceful bliss.

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Support & Ease of Cleaning

Shower Wiper Frameless Glass Due to the absence of aluminium framing edges present in showers with frames, support has been ensured by incorporating thick glasses for support of the panels. Another major plus for these designs is the extreme ease of cleaning you remove water spots and soap residues as you can easily access the entire glass pane. There are also fewer areas where dirt can accumulate. Since they have a trackless design, it is very easy after cleaning to restore its appearance to a seemingly new look.

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Complement the Interior

Another outstanding feature is that these contemporary frameless shower enclosures complement the outstanding designs of shower surfaces made of marble, granite or tile that grace most shower interiors. One also has an opportunity to display the trendier faucets, fixtures, shower heads and beautiful décor one has invested in, present in the shower space. Moreover, the highly decorated lighting towering the interior also has an opportunity to be showcased. This ensures that the investment you made on perfecting the interior is showcased for appreciation purposes.

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Safety is Guaranteed

An obvious concern for many as far as frameless shower enclosures is concerned is….Is it safe? What if the glass shatters or breaks? Wouldn’t it be harmful while taking a bath? Worry not. Safety has been maximally guaranteed. The edges have been filed extensively to give an extra smooth surface to ensure maximum safety in the event that it comes into contact even with the softest of skins while getting into and out of the shower. The glass is made of sturdy tempered glass that is resilient hence the difficulty in shattering or breaking. So…Yes. The glass is extremely safe. However, in as much as great effort has gone into the design of a sturdy glass for the enclosures, care has indeed to be taken by operators during installation and by users during handling to ensure you do not damage the tempered glass.

Other Features

Frameless Door Hinge A trademark of these now famous frameless shower enclosures is that if you are home owner or a potential home owner who has purchased them, you are assured of having a long lasting product. This ensures that as you age, your shower space remains preserved and timeless to allow you to preserve the treasured memories that may be associated with it. The enclosure can also be leveled with your floor during installation to make access pretty easy especially for the elderly people. The manufacturers have also focused on ensuring the shower enclosures are made watertight to prevent any water spillage by implementing a well-researched seal-in technology for the frameless doors. There is also no channel that all would allow for growth of mould or mildew that thrives in warm and moist environment thus a plus for the beneficial aspects of the enclosures in your health. Another great upside of frameless shower enclosures is that being costly and elegant, it significantly adds value to your home and whenever you want to sell your home, it adds value to it allowing you to get value for your investment. Frameless shower cubicle For developers who desire custom made frameless shower enclosures to fit their taste, preference and unique space availability, great flexibility is provided by the designs to ensure you get exactly what you require. By itself frameless shower enclosures are a great way to add vigor and life to your bathroom. One also needs to look at the general design of the whole bathroom as a whole while selecting the enclosures to ensure you get what will complement the overall outlook and create privacy. You should ensure that your shower should be incorporated into the bathroom rather that seem a separate entity from it.

What's Available For You

There are various options of frameless shower enclosures available for buyers to choose from. We have hinged frameless shower doors which offer ease of access and boast of a sleek design. They are also ideal for a cozy location. There are also those with Rectangular double hinge doors that have a contemporary design. They are also ideal for one who desires an enclosure in a specific corner that fits perfectly and conveniently. They also feature easy clean coating. They are pegged on a desire for ease. The doors are also outwardly opening. Then there is the exquisite Sliding frameless shower doors that are great when you desire great space saving and time efficiency. Their seals are concealed due to having a chrome wall profile. They also have matching side panels available and are of premium quality. Then there are the Roller frameless shower quadrants that are available in various sizes. It has doors that slide on a solid roller track. Sliding has been made seemingly easy so as to avoid time wasting. You have a variety of trendier designs to choose from. Among those available include those with magnetic seals and those with reversible doors. Selecting the right shower design can end up a tremendous task and a lot of factors need to be considered as you shop for the perfect frameless shower enclosure. One’s taste and preference is among the key reasons. You are also limited in choice by the designs available in the market. The space available in your bathroom is another key component to consider. The shape that resonates with the loom outlook is key and you can either opt for the rectangular, triangular, oval or hexagonal present in the market. If you need more ideas and want to see just how amazing frameless showers can look, check out this post.

Buying From Us

Our frameless showers manufactured at Serene Bathrooms are manufactured by Orca who have been proven to offer outstanding and global designs. They ensure they walk the journey with their clients and offer dedicated and expert installation. They are also praised for having best standards in the market. We are well stocked with the various variety of frameless shower enclosures described above inn various designs and also accommodate clients with customised requests. We have staff in place that are always available and ready to work with our clients throughout the whole journey till you get what will suit you perfectly even as you dig into the mountain of various designs, so as to settle for your utmost desire. If you buy £500 from us you have the luxury of getting free shipping from us. You can be assured to count on us any day and every day.
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