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Best Places in the World to Go Bathing

by admin 28 Jan 2016
Best Places in the World to Go Bathin There are some amazing places around the world where you can go bathing. Each place offers a very different bathing experience, from cool waterfall pools to natural hot springs. Bathing in certain waters has many benefits and can help with numerous health conditions. If you love a good bathe and fresh natural water then you will love bathing in the following locations. Here are some of the best places to go bathing in the world.

Tip 1

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland 23 This is one of the most famous bathing spots in the world. If you are lucky enough to go to Iceland, make sure you visit the Blue Lagoon. It’s a geothermal spa, which means the water is pleasantly warm, hovering between 98 and 102 degrees. These waters are said to be really good for skin conditions such as psoriasis. Paddle in the comforting waters and take in the striking Icelandic landscape. Bath Tip 2

Krka National Park, Croatia

Krka National Park, Croatia If you like swimming in stunning locations then book a day trip to Krka National Park in Croatia. Here you can literally swim in front of flowing waterfalls in the freshwater pools underneath. The views as you walk down to the waterfalls are breathtaking. There’s something very magical about bathing just beneath a waterfall. The waters are quite cool here, but on a hot sunny day it’s very refreshing. Bathroom Tip 3

Saturnia, Tuscany

3 - Saturnia, Tuscany Tuscany is well known for its thermal baths. The most well-known thermal baths are located in Saturnia. The water here has beneficial and therapeutic properties and there are also some waterfalls to enjoy. Saturnia is a spa town that is famous for the Homonym spa.The warm sulphurous waters are around 37.5 degrees. Best Places in the World to Go Bathing - 4

Thermae Bath Spa, Bath

4 - Thermae Bath Spa, Bath You don’t have to go abroad to experience bathing in a thermal spa. Bath is famous for its Thermae Bath Spa, which is fed by springs which pump a million litres of water a day. This spa was designed by Nicholas Grimshaw, it’s main feature is the rooftop pool which has wonderful views across Bath. Best Places in the World to Go Bathing

Chodovar Brewery Beer Baths, Czech Republic

5 - Beer Bath Czech Republic Fancy bathing in some beer? In the Czech Republic, believe it or not, you can actually bathe in the Chodovar Brewery Beer Baths. Sit in a bath filled with beer whilst drinking a glass of lager. Warm mineral water is combined with beer for a rather relaxing and unique bathing experience. Best Places in the World to Go Bathing

Széchenyi thermal bath, Budapest, Hungary

6 - Széchenyi thermal bath Budapest Budapest, often described as the ‘City of Spas’ is home to many spas and public baths. Here you will also find Széchenyi thermal bath, Europe's largest medicinal bath. The water here contains calcium, magnesium, fluoride, metabolic acid, hydro-carbonate, sodium and sulphate. It’s supposed to help a range of injuries and rheumatism, as well as obviously being very relaxing. You can also drink the water which the local people believe helps with health issues such as gall bladder problems, kidney stones, stomach ulcers and those with a calcium deficiency.
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