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Fantastic Shower Trays to Suit any Style

by admin 19 Mar 2012
At Serene Bathrooms, we understand that when you're looking to renovate your bathroom, either by making minor alterations or installing a completely brand new suite, you're looking for comfort, style and practicality. We like to make sure you'll be happy with your bathroom right down to the smallest detail, and we offer a huge range of durastone resin shower trays to suit any style.

Great Value Orca Low-Level Shower Trays

Orca has recognised the quality of these shower trays by admitting they are the strongest they have found. Not only are they ten times stronger than standard resin trays, having been made with Orca's patented technology, we offer long-term peace of mind with our 30-year guarantee which is available with all our shower trays. We buy directly from the manufacturer, which is why we can offer these excellent shower trays at such good prices. They start from just £55 and come in a range of sizes to suit your requirements.

Stylish Designer Shower Trays From Orca

With the strength and durability of our value range, these great looking shower trays are the slimmest on the market at just 25mm. The low height means you can create that wet room look without the added cost, and they are very easy to install, service and maintain.

Easy Installation With Our Shower Tray Fixing Kit

Our fixing kits means there will be no reason to call out the professionals to install your shower tray. They are incredibly easy to use thanks to their excellent design, enabling you to convert your shower tray to a raised installation without any problems. For a durable and stylish shower enclosure, choose Orca shower trays and enjoy the confidence of a 30-year guarantee. At Serene Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on rigorously testing every product we offer, and our Best Price Promise means that if you find any of our products cheaper elsewhere, we'll beat it! Contact us now on 01767 260910 or complete our online enquiry form for more information.
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