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Top 6 Weirdest Bathroom Accessories

by admin 10 Mar 2016
6 Weirdest Bathroom Asseccories When it comes to decorating our bathrooms, everyone likes to put their own stamp on things. The accessories you choose can have a big impact on how your bathroom comes across. You can opt for simple and styling accessories, or go for bold and in your face type accessories. Nowadays it seems everything we might possibly need in life has been invented, including some things that serve some very odd purposes, or no real purpose at all. There’s thousands of bathroom accessories out there, and some of them are just plain odd. You might think some of these accessories are awesome, or simply find them a bit strange. We scoured the internet to try and find some rather unusual accessories, and here are the six weirdest ones we found. Lover of all things strange & gadgets? Go check out Everything & Stuff and browse literally 1000's of incredibly weird things & cool stuff to buy online.
6 - Round

Toilet Roll Holder and Tablet Holder

ipad-toilet-paper-stand-2 Check It Out PurpleMore people use their smartphones and even tablets while they are on the toilet than you might think. Obviously this is not the most hygienic thing to do, because it encourages germs to spread. Someone has solved this problem by inventing a toilet roll holder than can also support a tablet. Now, you can sit on the loo and watch Netflix or read the news if you so wish. Looking for something a bit more elegant? Take a look at our bestselling Orca Toilet Roll Holder in a stunning chrome finish. 5

Lave Velvet Toilet Seat Cover

Velvet Toilet Cover Check It Out Purple You can get all sorts of different toilet seat holders, and people are creating stranger ones by the minute. As well as Star Wars themed covers, fluffy toilet seat covers and even LED light seats, you can get this rather odd and unattractive lace velvet toilet seat cover. If it’s your cup of tea and you like frilly, old fashioned stuff then good for you, but we think it’s a little odd looking. 4 - Round

Waterproof Notepad

Waterproof Notes Check It Out Purple To be fair a lot of people seem to get some of their best ideas whilst taking a bath or shower. So we can sort of see the use for this waterproof notepad. You could on the other hand simply wait until you get out of the shower to write things down. 3 - Round

Tentacle Toilet Plunger

Toilet Plunger Check It Out Purple This is probably one of the strangest things on our list, and it’s also a little bit terrifying. This octopus plunger makes it look as though an octopus tentacle is poking out of your toilet. It’s not the nicest thing to imagine while you are on the loo, and we don’t really see the purpose of it, other than to shock people! 2 - Round

Goatee Saver Shaver

GoateeShaver Check It Out Purple This goatee shaver makes you look a bit like a scary robot monster, but to be fair, it does have a very clear purpose. It can help you to achieve the perfect goatee, you just might look a bit weird when you have it on. You literally just chomp on it and it shaves around your mouth. 1 - Round

Snotty Nose Soap Dispenser

Snotty Nose Soap Dispenser Check It Out Purple In what situation does one need a snotty nose soap dispenser. It is rather entertaining to look at but, also a tad disgusting. Would you want to welcome guests into your bathroom with this? Probably not. You are supposed to feel clean when you put soap on your hands, but we suspect this might have the opposite effect.
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