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Why Frameless Shower Enclosures Benefit You

by admin 01 May 2012
For a stylish and contemporary bathroom design, frameless shower enclosures offer an unrivalled modern aesthetic. If you've spent hundreds of pounds on installing a new bathroom, an out-dated shower enclosure will stand out like a sore thumb, which is why you should come to Serene Bathrooms to add that perfect finishing touch.

Superior Style

We stock a range of fantastic looking frameless shower enclosures, so whatever look you're going for, we can find something to suit you. From great value Frameless Door Enclosures to classy Walk-in units, all of our products are produced using only the very best materials. Frameless shower enclosures are what every discerning home owner wants for their bathroom.

Improved Safety

If your shower enclosure is almost entirely glass, then you want to be sure that it is totally safe for your family. All of our enclosures are manufactured with extra thick 8mm tempered safety glass, as well as polished brackets and rods to provide that much needed additional stability to your enclosure.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Having a hot shower can be a refreshing and luxurious experience, but if your enclosure is dirty it can significantly spoil your enjoyment. With our frameless enclosures, the glass finish is far easier to clean than the moulded plastic that comes with traditional showers, significantly reducing the time spent on your bathroom spring cleaning. For transforming your bathroom to a contemporary space, look no further than Serene Bathrooms for the supply and installation of stunning looking frameless shower enclosures. To find out more about our range of shower enclosures, as well as all of the other products and services we provide, contact our sales and support team on 01767 260 910 or alternatively you can send us your enquiry using our online contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
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