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Shower Enclosures

Beautiful collection of modern, high quality shower enclosures and wet room screens.

You can create the shower you've always dreamed of having in your home with the stunning range of different shower enclosures we have available. As your shower is something you will be using every day of your life, more or less, choosing the right one is something you should take some time to do. Obviously, the type of shower that is best for you, will depend on a number of different factors, including:

  • The size of your bathroom, shower room or wet room
  • The available space you have for a shower enclosure
  • Your own personal style and taste.

We understand that it is not always easy and can be quite intimidating when you are looking for that perfect shower area and presented with a multitude of different options. That is why, we wanted to take some time to outline the different options available.

Why Choose Orca Shower Enclosures?

Before we get into the different varieties on offer, it is worth highlighting why you should choose Orca Bathrooms as your manufacturer. They are industry experts, who have a reputation for producing the most luxurious designs and offer second-to-none installation. The style is not the only thing that makes Orca Bathrooms high-quality products stand out, as they pay close attention to the needs of customers when it comes to modern, shower solutions.

Choosing the Best Design

It is obviously important to choose a shower and enclosure design that suits your own personal preferences and taste; but it is also crucial that you consider the available space you have and the design that will suit and work best in that available space.

Different Types Of Shower Enclosures and Accessories

At Serene Bathrooms we offer a wide range of different options and associated accessories, including:

  • Frameless Enclosures
  • Wetroom Screens
  • Sliding Doors and Enclosures
  • Shower Quadrants
  • Bi-fold Doors and Enclosures
  • Corner Entry Enclosures
  • Hinged Door Enclosures
  • Dukkaboard Wetrooms
  • Wetroom Screens
  • Shower Trays and Accessories
  • Wet Room Drains

To help determine which is right for you, we will highlight each of these individually.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless shower enclosures and their doors provide a very contemporary and slick look for your bathroom. Thanks to the fact that they are made from glass, the doors for these enclosures help even the smallest bathroom feel bigger. Another huge benefit of frameless enclosures is if you have spent a considerable amount of money and time on your bathroom, having a framleess shower will help to draw attention to the decor and how you have furnished your bathroom.

Frameless showers are also known for their durability, thanks to the glass thickness we use. They are also low maintenance compared to other options because they do not have tracks where mould can find a home. Our range of frameless enclosures includes set-ups with sliding doors, quadrants and more traditional hinged doors.

Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

Our sliding door enclosures are ideal if you have limited space in your bathroom, as you may not be able to accommodate a hinged door. We have a variety of different styles available to suit different preferences and tastes. However, they are all constructed from reinforced glass and easy to clean and maintain.

Shower Quadrants

Perhaps you are looking for an elegant shower enclosure design. Shower quadrants are particularly great if you do not have a lot of floor space, as they can transform any available corner into an appealing shower area.

Bi-fold Doors and Enclosures

Bi-fold shower doors and enclosures are another space-saving solution that bring a touch of modern elegance to even the smallest bathroom.

Corner Entry Enclosures

In a similar way to shower quadrant enclosures, corner entry enclosures make use of limited space. Currently, we have one option available in the form of a corner entry shower. Wet Room Drains If you have a wetroom or are considering investing in one, you will need to give as much thought to the style of drain you want as much as the actual furniture and hardware you are going to use. We have a wide range of different wet room drains available, to suit all your specific preferences. The drain you choose should not be an afterthought and can really finish off the look and feel of the entire set-up.

Dukkaboard Wetrooms

Dukkaboard is a unique and easy way to transform any bathroom into a fully functioning wetroom. You can also use the backer board system for creating unique shower furniture and walk-in showers. This is particularly ideal if you need a shower that provides easy access for infirm, elderly or disabled members of your family.

Wetroom Screens

If you are planning your wetroom or want to separate the wetroom area of a bathroom from the rest, you may want to invest in one of our wetroom screens. We have three different types of wet room shower screens to choose from, all with their own particular pros and cons. By far the most popular is the straight forward screen doors, but we also have a flipper panel and option side panel walk-in shower design and a walk-in shower panel fitted with LED lighting.

Shower Trays and Accessories

At Serene Bathrooms and Orca Bathrooms we know that it is not only the actual shower enclosures and doors themselves that are important. We understand that the kinds of shower trays and accessories you choose can make or break the look and feel of this important room in your home. This is why we have ensured we have a wide range of different shower trays and other important accessories available to choose from. If you have any questions or queries that have not been sufficiently answered elsewhere or would like some advice about your bathroom and what you need for your shower, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you out. Our team are highly experienced, knowledgable and extremely friendly. We pride ourselves in being able to offer great customer service that helps us get the kind of feedback we have received in the past.



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