Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets & Basins: B&Q's Stylish Cloakroom Solutions

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Title: Enhance Your Bathroom's Elegance with Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets | B&Q Toilets and Basins

Welcome to B&Q, where we offer an exquisite range of toilets and basins to transform your bathroom or cloakroom into a stylish oasis. Our Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets are designed with utmost care, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality. Elevate your bathroom experience and enjoy the benefits of a premium soft close seat, ensuring convenient and quiet usage. Read on to discover the remarkable features and benefits of our Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets.

- BTW WC PAN: Our Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets are equipped with a BTW (Back-to-Wall) WC Pan, ensuring a sleek and modern look while concealing unsightly pipework. This design enhances cleanliness and makes cleaning the toilet effortless.
- SOFT CLOSE SEAT: No more bothersome slamming or accidental pinched fingers thanks to the built-in soft close seat feature. Enjoy peace and tranquility while maintaining a pristine bathroom environment.
- PREMIUM SOFT CLOSE SEAT: With the premium version of the soft close seat, experience additional comfort and durability, elevating your bathroom experience to new heights. The highest quality materials used ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.

1. Enhanced Aesthetics: The Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets effortlessly blend into any bathroom decor, offering a seamless and streamlined appearance. These toilets are sure to become the focal point of your bathroom, adding elegance and style.
2. Space-Saving Solution: For those with limited space, our compact cloakroom toilets and basins make the most efficient use of your available area, without compromising on comfort or functionality. Utilize every inch of your cloakroom wisely.
3. Easy Installation: B&Q understands that convenience matters, so we have engineered our Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets to be easily installed without requiring specialized skills or significant efforts. Save time and money with our user-friendly installation.
4. Hygiene Reinforcement: The BTW WC PAN design conceals pipework, enhancing cleanliness and offering a more hygienic toilet experience. Keep your bathroom sparkling clean without any hassle.
5. Noise Reduction: Bid farewell to sudden loud noises when closing the toilet seat. Our soft close technology ensures that the seat gently glides down, reducing noise and potential disturbances, further enhancing the peaceful ambiance of your bathroom.
6. Long-Lasting Durability: Our Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets are built to withstand daily wear and tear. The premium soft close seat guarantees exceptional longevity, providing ongoing comfort and reliability for years to come.
7. Trusted Quality: B&Q strives to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. Our Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets undergo rigorous quality checks and are made from durable materials, ensuring a long-lasting investment for your bathroom.

Upgrade your bathroom with B&Q's extensive range of toilets and basins, and experience the luxurious comfort and sophisticated design of our Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your bathroom experience while enjoying a premium soft close seat and various other remarkable features. Shop with B&Q today to create your dream bathroom!

Here at Serene Bathrooms, we understand that your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and any product purchased from us will be packaged and delivered with the utmost care. Service is always number 1 on our list of priorities and with this in mind we will always aim to deliver your order as soon as possible. Carriage for Mainland UK (excluding Highlands, Islands and some remote parts of Wales*) Small items £4.95 Large items £9.95 Any order over £500.00 will be delivered free of charge. * Please email to confirm your location as boundaries will sometimes change depending on which carrier is used
Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets & Basins: B&Q's Stylish Cloakroom Solutions

Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets & Basins: B&Q's Stylish Cloakroom Solutions


Bijoux Close Coupled Toilets & Basins: B&Q's Stylish Cloakroom Solutions



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