Pure WC Unit Toilet & Basin: The Perfect Combination Unit for Your Bathroom

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Pure WC Unit Toilet - Basin and Toilet Combination Unit - Stylish and Functional Storm Grey Gloss Finish - H 830mm x W 505mm x D 250mm

Introducing our Pure WC Unit Toilet, a modern and versatile solution that combines a toilet and basin in one sleek unit. Offering both style and functionality, this unit is perfect for maximizing space in any bathroom or cloakroom. With its stunning storm grey gloss finish, it effortlessly adds a touch of elegance to any interior decor theme. Say goodbye to cluttered and disorganized bathrooms, and say hello to a streamlined and organized space with the Pure WC Unit Toilet.

- 505mm WC Unit: The compact nature of this WC unit makes it an ideal choice for bathrooms or cloakrooms with limited space. It caters to the needs of small bathrooms without compromising on design or functionality.
- Basin and Toilet Combination: The integrated basin and toilet combination is a space-saving solution, eliminating the need for a separate basin unit and optimizing the available space in your bathroom. This combination is perfect for ensuring convenience and functionality in the smallest of spaces.
- Storm Grey Gloss Finish: The storm grey gloss finish adds a touch of luxury and modernity to your bathroom. The glossy surface not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.
- H 830mm x W 505mm x D 250mm: The perfectly measured dimensions of this WC unit provide an optimized space for installation. It seamlessly fits into a variety of bathroom layouts, regardless of their size or configuration.
- Elegant Design: The sleek and contemporary design of the Pure WC Unit Toilet creates a stylish focal point in your bathroom. It adds a touch of sophistication and elevates the overall ambiance of the space.
- Easy to Install: This WC unit comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions, making the setup process hassle-free. With just a few simple steps, you can transform your bathroom into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

- Space-Saving Solution: The combination of a toilet and basin in one unit ensures maximum utilization of limited bathroom space. It is an excellent choice for small bathrooms, ensuite bathrooms, or cloakrooms where space is at a premium.
- Enhanced Convenience: The integrated basin and toilet combination offers convenience by eliminating the need to move between separate fixtures. It allows you to perform your bathroom routines efficiently and effortlessly in one central location.
- Streamlined Aesthetic: The sleek and modern design of the Pure WC Unit Toilet provides a clean and uncluttered appearance to your bathroom. The seamless integration of the basin and toilet creates a visually appealing and coordinated look.
- Easy to Clean: The storm grey gloss finish not only enhances the overall appearance but also makes cleaning a breeze. Simply wipe down the surface, and it will maintain its shine and luster for years to come.
- Versatile Installation: The compact dimensions of the WC unit allow for easy installation in various bathroom layouts. Whether you have a small cloakroom, an ensuite bathroom, or a spacious master bathroom, the Pure WC Unit Toilet can adapt to any space.

Upgrade your bathroom with our Pure WC Unit Toilet - the perfect combination of style, functionality, and space-saving design. With its storm grey gloss finish and integrated basin, this WC unit is a must-have for any modern bathroom. Create a sleek and organized space that will make a lasting impression on your guests. Order your Pure WC Unit Toilet today and experience the ultimate convenience and elegance in your bathroom.

Here at Serene Bathrooms, we understand that your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and any product purchased from us will be packaged and delivered with the utmost care. Service is always number 1 on our list of priorities and with this in mind we will always aim to deliver your order as soon as possible. Carriage for Mainland UK (excluding Highlands, Islands and some remote parts of Wales*) Small items £4.95 Large items £9.95 Any order over £500.00 will be delivered free of charge. * Please email to confirm your location as boundaries will sometimes change depending on which carrier is used
Pure WC Unit Toilet & Basin: The Perfect Combination Unit for Your Bathroom

Pure WC Unit Toilet & Basin: The Perfect Combination Unit for Your Bathroom


Pure WC Unit Toilet & Basin: The Perfect Combination Unit for Your Bathroom



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