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Guide for Buying an Electric Shower

by Jiahanna Maligat 10 Apr 2024

Guide for Buying an Electric Shower

Welcome to the electrifying world of showers! An electric shower is not just a bathroom fixture; it's a game-changer in your daily routine. Imagine stepping into a shower that's always ready to deliver a refreshing cascade of warm water at your desired temperature. That's the magic of an electric shower.


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What is an electric shower?

An electric shower is a self-contained unit that heats water on demand, providing instant hot water without relying on a central hot water tank.


Benefits of using an electric shower:

  • Instant hot water whenever you need it.

  • Energy-efficient operation, only heating water as it's used.

  • Customizable temperature settings for a personalized shower experience.


Importance of choosing the right electric shower:

Selecting the perfect electric shower ensures optimal performance, energy savings, and a luxurious bathing experience tailored to your preferences.

Now, let's dive into the different types of electric showers to help you make an informed decision.


Overview of different types (instantaneous vs. stored):

Instantaneous electric showers heat water instantly as it flows through the unit, offering unlimited hot water without preheating.

Stored electric showers store hot water in a tank, providing a consistent flow of hot water but with a limited capacity.


Pros and cons of each type:

Instantaneous showers are energy-efficient and ideal for households with varying hot water demands. However, they may require higher wattage.

Stored showers ensure a continuous supply of hot water but may consume more energy if the tank is not properly insulated.


Factors to consider when choosing between types:

Consider your household's hot water usage, available electrical capacity, and space constraints when selecting between instantaneous and stored electric showers.


Water Heating Systems Explained 

Let's unravel the mystery behind how electric showers heat water and their efficiency compared to other systems.

How electric showers heat water

Electric showers use a heating element to warm the water as it passes through the unit, providing instant hot water without the need for a hot water tank.

Comparison with other water heating systems:
Compared to traditional water heaters, electric showers are more energy-efficient as they only heat water when needed, reducing standby energy losses.

Efficiency and energy-saving features:
Look for electric showers with energy-saving features such as eco-mode, temperature control, and water-saving settings to enhance efficiency and reduce utility costs.


Pros and Cons of Each Type

Instantaneous Showers:

Pros: Endless hot water, energy-efficient, compact design.
Cons: Requires higher wattage, and may experience temperature fluctuations.

Stored Showers:

Pros: Consistent temperature, suitable for low water pressure.
Cons: Limited hot water capacity, higher energy consumption.


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Factors to Consider When Choosing

Consider your household's water usage, energy efficiency goals, and available space. Instantaneous showers are perfect for smaller bathrooms, while stored showers suit larger households.

Electric Shower Wattage Requirements: Check your home’s electrical capacity to ensure it can support your chosen shower.

Water Pressure: Instantaneous showers perform best with higher water pressure, while stored showers are more forgiving.

Safety Features: Look for showers with safety features like thermal cut-out and pressure balancing.

Maintenance Tips: Regular cleaning and descaling will prolong your shower’s lifespan.

Brand Comparison: Explore reputable brands known for quality and reliability.


Water Heating Systems

How electric showers heat water
Electric showers work their magic by heating water on demand, offering instant hot water without relying on a separate hot water tank. This efficiency makes them a popular choice for many households.

Comparison with other water heating systems
Unlike traditional water heaters that store hot water, electric showers provide a continuous flow of hot water, perfect for those morning rush hours or relaxing evening showers.

Efficiency and energy-saving features
One of the perks of electric showers is their energy efficiency. They only heat the water you use, reducing energy wastage and saving you money in the long run.


Choosing the Right Electric Shower

Water Pressure Considerations
Imagine stepping into your shower and being greeted by a gentle cascade of water that invigorates and refreshes you. That's the magic of choosing the right electric shower with optimal water pressure. Before making a purchase, ensure that your chosen model is compatible with your home's water pressure system. Look for showers that offer adjustable pressure settings to cater to your preferences.

Wattage and Power Requirements

Electric showers come in a range of wattages, each designed to deliver a specific level of performance. Higher-wattage showers typically offer faster heating and stronger water flow. Consider your household's hot water usage and choose a shower with an appropriate wattage to ensure consistent and efficient operation.

Size and Installation Requirements

Space constraints shouldn't limit your shower selection. Electric showers come in various sizes to fit different bathroom layouts. Whether you have a cozy ensuite or a spacious bathroom, there's a perfect electric shower for you. Additionally, consider the installation process. Opt for showers that are easy to install or seek professional installation services for a hassle-free experience.

Features to Look for in an Electric Shower

Temperature Control Options

One of the most enticing features of electric showers is their precise temperature control. Electric shower buying guide suggests looking for models with advanced temperature settings. Imagine stepping into your shower and dialing in the perfect warmth, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable bathing experience every time.

Shower Head Types

The versatility of showerheads adds a delightful touch to your daily routine. From adjustable sprays to soothing rain patterns and convenient handheld options, electric shower types offer a variety that caters to your specific preferences.

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Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority, and electric showers excel in this aspect. Look for models equipped with overheat protection and pressure relief devices. These features not only enhance your peace of mind but also ensure a secure showering environment for you and your loved ones.

Electric showers come in two main types: instantaneous and stored. While both have their advantages, understanding the difference can help you make an informed decision. Instantaneous showers provide hot water on demand, ideal for quick showers or households with varying hot water needs. On the other hand, stored showers maintain a reservoir of hot water, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout your shower.


Installation Process and Tips

DIY vs. Professional Installation
When it comes to installing your electric shower, you have two options: DIY or professional installation. While DIY can be cost-effective, it's crucial to consider your skill level and comfort with electrical work. For complex installations or if you're unsure, hiring a professional ensures proper installation and peace of mind.

Necessary Tools and Materials

Before starting, gather essential tools and materials, including a screwdriver, adjustable wrench, pipe cutter, electrical tape, and silicone sealant. Ensure you have the correct electrical connections and plumbing fittings for your chosen electric shower model.

Safety Precautions During Installation

Safety is paramount during installation. Always turn off the mains power and water supply before beginning work. Use insulated tools and wear protective gear, such as gloves and goggles. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to avoid electrical hazards and leaks.

Remember, Electric shower installation tips are essential for a successful and safe setup. Familiarize yourself with your shower's specifications, including electric shower types (instantaneous vs. stored) and wattage requirements to ensure compatibility with your home's electrical system.



How do electric showers work? (FAQ 1)

Imagine stepping into your shower and instantly being greeted by warm, refreshing water. That's the magic of electric showers! These ingenious devices heat water on demand, using an electric element inside the shower unit. This means you get hot water whenever you need it, without relying on your home's central heating system.

What is the difference between an electric shower and a regular shower? (FAQ 2)

The main difference lies in how they heat water. While regular showers rely on your home's hot water supply, electric showers heat water independently. This makes electric showers more energy-efficient and gives you complete control over water temperature.

Can I install an electric shower myself? (FAQ 3)

Absolutely! Installing an electric shower is a DIY-friendly project. With the right tools and a bit of know-how, you can transform your bathroom in no time. However, if you're unsure or prefer professional assistance, there are skilled installers ready to help.

What is the average lifespan of an electric shower? (FAQ 4)

Electric showers are built to last, with an average lifespan of around 8-10 years. Proper maintenance and regular checks can extend their longevity, ensuring years of luxurious showers.



Making an informed decision when buying an electric shower is crucial for ensuring safety, efficiency, and long-term satisfaction. By understanding the different types, installation procedures, maintenance requirements, and safety considerations, you empower yourself to choose the perfect electric shower that meets your needs and enhances your daily routine.

Remember, an electric shower isn't just a functional addition to your bathroom; it's a source of rejuvenation and relaxation. With the right knowledge and approach, you can transform your showering experience into a luxurious and enjoyable ritual.

Buying an electric shower is not just about functionality; it's about enhancing your showering experience while being mindful of safety and efficiency. We hope this guide has inspired and educated you on the intricacies of choosing the perfect electric shower for your home. Remember to prioritize your needs, research thoroughly, and enjoy the benefits of a refreshing and convenient showering solution.

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