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7 Theme Ideas For Your Bathroom

by admin 12 Aug 2016
7 Theme Ideas for Your Bathroom A bathroom, to many people, is the only place in their home where they can lock the door and be completely alone. Most people want their bathrooms to help them loosen up from a stressed day at work but also have their own touch of personality and home comforts so choosing right is essential. So, can't decide on wood, tiles or wallpaper for your bathroom? Below gives you seven different approaches to starting with the basics or restoring what you already have.


Wood enables you to explore the very distinct effects the material has to offer. An uneven surface transforms the room to be a natural, adventurous, cabin-like area where as a smoothed and polished wood can be quite the opposite; formal and spotlessly hygienic. Here's some of our favourite wooden bathroom designs. [caption id="attachment_798" align="alignnone" width="404"]Wood Source: Pinterest[/caption]


Looking for a formal, modern type bathroom? Then tiling is for you. A bathroom boasting tiled walls and floors possesses an air of formality and decorum and a faultless ability to impress. Always looking neat and contained, it gives the sense of activity and a willingness to work with you. Need inspiration? Check out these stunning bathroom tile design ideas. Tiles


Brighten up your bathroom with brilliant and inexpensive wallpaper.  It is a excellent choice that offers many patterns that brag colour and texture. Wallpaper looks impressive in a bathroom of any shape or size and adds personality. [caption id="attachment_803" align="alignnone" width="427"]Wallpaper Source: Maison Valentina[/caption]


Stones, rocks and pebbles alike propose a closed-in area of complete privacy that displays a 3D effect and a zone to unwind and rethink. Walls bearing a ‘cold’ material makes relaxing in a hot, moisturizing bath all the more enticing! [caption id="attachment_802" align="alignnone" width="425"]Stone

Source: Decoist[/caption]


Paint can transform a bathroom. A fresh coat of what’s already there will turn a wall spotless and create a vibe of new, unsullied energy. A single wall can introduce a new colour that will move away from the usual, natural colours of bathrooms. [caption id="attachment_801" align="alignnone" width="1220"]Paint Source: Homened[/caption]

Mirrored & Frameless

Mirrors are perfect for making a small bathroom look bigger and more spacious, is a modern option and effortless to keep clean. Combining mirrors with sleek frameless glass shower screens can add an incredibly modern touch, offering clean cut lines and a lot of 'wow' factor. [caption id="attachment_800" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Mirrored Source: Interior Bathroom Ideas[/caption]

3D Effects

Why not go for something different and daring that will never cease to amaze? A professional painting on a floor or wall will take you on an voyage over skyscrapers or to the bottom of the ocean and could make a small bathroom appear bigger. 3D Picture
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