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Got A Date? Here’s How To Prep Your Bathroom

by admin 26 Aug 2016
How To Prep Your Bathroom If you have a date coming over for dinner then you will have a lot to think about. However, it’s important to make sure your bathroom is up to scratch, and prepped for visitors. When a date first comes round your home, they will be paying attention to things. They will want to learn more about you, and will be interested to see what the different rooms in your home are like, including your bathroom. A messy, dirty bathroom won’t leave a very good impression, in fact, seven in ten people say a dirty bathroom would put them off their date. To make sure your date is impressed rather than put off by your bathroom, we have come up with some handy tips.

Fresh scents

Obviously if you have a date you will want your bathroom smelling as fresh as possible. Light some scented candles before they come over, give the room a spritz with a room spray or plug in a diffuser that lets off a nice smell. It really does make a difference when you walk into a bathroom that smells nice. Candles

Convenient toiletries

Impress your date with some handy toiletries such as hand cream and hand sanitiser. This will make them feel more at home, and also show that you have put a bit of thought into their arrival. Plus these toiletries might be handy if you want to freshen up at any point during the date. 3 - Soap Dispensers

Flashes of your personality

As you will be using this time to get to know each other, you may want to add some personal touches to your bathroom. These can also provide talking points. For example, your favourite painting, or a quote that’s close to your heart. Make sure your bathroom decor is true to your personal taste and style, so that you date can get an insight into your personality. Deep Clean Bathroom Bath Mats

Deep clean

Perhaps the most important thing to worry about is making sure that your bathroom is clean. Give it a head to toe deep clean and leave no stone unturned. When people visit your house, especially someone you are dating, they expect your bathroom to be spotless. Other parts of your house can be less than perfect but a dirty bathroom is a no go. Deep Clean Bath

Check your cabinets

You may want to check your cabinets in case you have any embarrassing products or medicines lurking around. People have been known to snoop through cabinets in people’s bathrooms because they can’t resist being nosy. So do have a thorough check before your date arrives. [caption id="attachment_607" align="alignnone" width="1067"]Bathroom Open Shelving Source:[/caption]

Fresh towels

Give all your bathroom towels a wash so that they look and smell fresh. There’s nothing worse than a dirty hand towel that obviously needs a wash. Choose your best set of towels and fold them or hang them up neatly ready for your date (don't leave them draped over the edge of the bath). A Quality Bath
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