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8 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Festive This Christmas

by admin 23 Nov 2015
8 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Festive As the end of November arrives, everyone starts thinking about what Christmas decorations to put up. When we think of Christmas decorations, the main room we focus on is the lounge. Our Christmas tree usually lives in the lounge, and we decorate the rest of the room with fairy lights and Christmas accessories. However, you don’t just have to focus on one part of your home when it comes to making it feel festive. Bathrooms often get neglected, when they can look fantastic with a few festive touches. Don’t leave your bathroom out this year, make it come alive with some bathroom friendly festive decor. Here’s how to make your bathroom feel Christmas-y. Tip 1

Festive scents

Christmas Bathroom Scents Make your bathroom smell amazing by filling it with festive scents. There are some scrumptious festive candles with cosy scents that will instantly make you think of Christmas as soon as you set foot in your bathroom. Try candles or a festive scented diffuser. Bath Tip 2

Christmas themed bath bombs & soaps

2 - Christmas Bamb Bomb Pack  

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You can get all sorts of festive bath bombs, soaps and bathroom products. From a Christmas bubble bath to a festive hand soap. These small touches can make all the difference. Bathroom Christmas Decorating Ideas 3

Festive toilet seat covers and bath mats

3 - Christmas Toilet Covers Buy On Amazon If you really want to go all out then you can get santa and elf themed toilet seat covers and bath mats. If you prefer subtlety, then search out some classy festive themed bath towels. Bathroom Christmas Decorating Ideas 4

Modern Christmas Wreath

8 - Christmas Decor Buy On Amazon Who says wreaths have to be outside? Find a small wreath that you can place outside your bathroom door and your bathroom will instantly feel festive. Or you could get creative and hand make your own for a more personal touch. Bathroom Christmas Decorating Ideas 5

Christmas Music

5 - Christmas Music You can’t go wrong with Christmas music. Get an old school radio and blast out your favourite festive tunes while you are in the bath or shower. Or you could always invest in a smart shower that plays music (a Christmas gift to yourself?). Start your day off right by singing in the shower every morning to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’. Buy On Amazon Bathroom Christmas Decorating Ideas 6

Snowflake stickers & Snow Spray

6 - Christmas Snow Spray Buy On Amazon Take your festive decor to the next level by adding snowflake stickers and festive stencils to your bathroom walls and spraying your windows with snow spray. You can get many different festive designs to make your bathrooms stand out at Christmas. Bathroom Christmas Decorating Ideas 7

Mini Christmas Tree

7- Mini Christmas Tree Buy On Amazon A mini Christmas tree can look great in your bathroom. Christmas trees can be places in other rooms and don’t always have to be only in your lounge. You could even get a little tree that lights up to make your bathroom feel super festive. Bathroom Christmas Decorating Ideas 8

Holly & Mistletoe

8 - Christmas Decor 2 Buy On Amazon Use holly and mistletoe to decorate your bathroom this Christmas. You might want to hand it outside the door or use it to spice up decorations. Who says you can’t kiss under the mistletoe outside your bathroom?
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