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Top Bathroom Gadgets of 2015

by admin 03 Nov 2015
Best of Bathroom Gadgets 2015 With gadgets making their way into pretty much all aspects of our life, it is unsurprising that they have been infiltrating our bathrooms too. Over the years we’ve seen our trusty toothbrushes turning electric and our scales turning digital. Now with just about everything turning ‘smart’, our desires are just a touch of a button away. 2015 has seen some new and exciting gadgets making our everyday bathroom routines easier and more pleasurable. Here are some of the coolest bathroom gadgets finding a place in our bathrooms this year: Tip 1

Kohler Moxie Showerhead

KOHLER MOXIE SHOWERHEAD How about combining your favourite tunes with a hot, soapy shower to lift your spirits in the morning? This showerhead includes a built-in wireless speaker that you can connect to your devices through bluetooth. And if you want to continue the party after your shower you can just pop the speaker out and take it with you. From £28.20 - Click here to buy from Amazon Bath Tip 2

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

FITBIT ARIA WI-FI SMART SCALE As an extension to the popular Fitbit wrist trackers the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales go a step further by accurately tracking your weight, % body fat, and Body Mass Index (BMI) online. You can access all the information from your phone and keep it password protected away from prying eyes. A great way to keep you on track and allow you to stay motivated on your journey to a new you. Click here to buy from Amazon. Bath Benefits 3

iHouse Smart Tap

iHouse Smart Tap You have your smartphone and your smart Car, but how about a smart Tap? This tap will recognise you using facial recognition and then immediately adjust its setting to the temperature and flow for your profile. It also has a touchscreen computer so that you can check your schedule and the weather. You will never be late or inappropriately dressed ever again! If however you like to stick to a more traditional bathroom tap, be sure to check out our fantastic range. Bath Benefits 4

Stocco Matre Touchscreen iTunes Mirror

STOCCO MATRE TOUCHSCREEN MIRROR It may look like an ordinary bathroom mirror but the Stocco Matre touchscreen mirror includes a touch panel that will allow you to access your iPod, as well as defog the mirror and control the lighting. Everything you need when you are getting ready for a night on the town, you’ll just have to put up with the rest of your household pining for their shot in front of this mirror. Bath Benefits 5

Efergy Showertime - WATER SAVING MONITOR

Efergy Showertime - WATER SAVING MONITOR The amount of water we use is becoming increasingly important. Bathrooms of the future are likely to be far more eco friendly. For now, we can use handy gadgets like the Efergy Showertime to improve our eco credentials. Save money and help the environment by using a Efergy, which monitors how much water you use every time you shower. Click here to buy from Amazon. It’s difficult to know how long you spend in the shower, which means many of us end up wasting water unnecessarily.


With all these gadgets now available you’ll never want to leave the bathroom. Thanks to modern day advances in technology, each element of our bathroom is going to get that little bit more luxurious. 2016 could bring us toilets with built-in massage features, or showers with foot spa settings. What is for sure is that future gadgets will most certainly turn boring bathroom routines into pleasurable bathroom experiences that everyone will want.
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