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9 Bathroom Arguments That We’ve All Experienced

by admin 04 Jul 2016
Bathroom Arguments The bathroom is a rather personal and private place, but sadly we have to share it with other people. Everyone has a different idea of how a bathroom should look, and also how one should behave in the bathroom. Over the years, you have probably had quite a few debates and even full on arguments in your bathroom. Bathroom quarrels can be about anything from annoying bathroom habits, DIY projects or design disagreements. Here’s nine arguments you have probably had with your partner, housemate or family at some point.

1 - Round The toilet seat up/down debate

This is usually a male/female debate, because after they spend a penny, men will often leave the toilet seat up. Ladies then go to the bathroom and either don’t notice and sit down on a seatless toilet, or have to put it back down again. Who is right or wrong is debatable, but this is something that definitely causes a lot of frustration.

2 - Round The bathroom design debate

When you just can’t agree on bathroom design, and you both want completely different things. This can cause a few arguments and disagreements, but fear not, there’s always a way to compromise. However, you will both have to be willing to budge a little on what you had in mind. [caption id="attachment_666" align="alignnone" width="625"]Bathroom Plants Source: Rechtsanwalt-stange[/caption]

3 - Round The have you used my toothbrush conundrum

Sometimes we forget which toothbrush is ours, and accidentally use someone else’s, which usually doesn’t go down very well. The easiest solution is to select differently coloured or personalised toothbrushes so everyone knows which one is theirs. [caption id="attachment_650" align="alignnone" width="655"]Personalised Toothbrush Holders Source: H&H Group[/caption]

4 - Round The please clean up your….issue

Some people have horrendous bathroom habits, which can drive the people they live with insane. The bathroom is a place that needs to remain clean and sanitary, but sadly it doesn’t always remain that way. Basically, if we all tidied up after ourselves, we wouldn’t have to squabble about all the mess.

5 Hair, clothes, products and general mess

Another common argument is about people leaving their stuff all over the bathroom including clothing, bathroom products and bits and bobs. A bathroom can quickly feel cluttered if someone leaves stuff everywhere, and it can be very frustrating!

6 - Round The please hurry up I need to use the bathroom issue

When you reaaalllyyy need to use the bathroom and someone is taking their sweet time and hogging the room. People who live together need to establish some kind of morning bathroom routine if they want to avoid arguments. [caption id="attachment_679" align="alignnone" width="625"]Bathroom Clock Source: Dretec[/caption]

7 - Round The why can’t you replace the loo roll issue

Some people can’t seem to complete a simple task and abide by an important bathroom etiquette rule. When you finish a loo roll, throw it away (make sure you recycle) and replace it with a new one. Don’t annoy your housemates by leaving empty loo rolls all over the bathroom. Pictured below: Chrome Toilet Roll Holder & Orca Towel Ring. 6 - Orca Towel Ring & Toilet Roll Holder

8 - Round The failure to hang up towels problem

Again, another important bathroom etiquette rule. If you use a towel, hang it up properly somewhere after you have finished using it. Simple.

9 - Round The disagreement over bathroom accessories

A lot of people have disagreements over what is an acceptable bathroom accessory, and find it hard to decide on accessories their bathroom. Too many bathroom accessories can look too cluttered and it’s hard when people have different tastes.
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