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How To Prevent Mould In Bathrooms

by admin 11 Jul 2016
  Prevent Mould In Bathrooms It can be very frustrating when mould continually appears in certain parts of your bathroom. Mould can often be difficult to get rid of, and if left for too long, can damage your bathroom and create a health hazard. An environment that is constantly getting wet creates an ideal breeding ground for mould. Bathrooms are damp, wet and full of moisture. Mould can appear in showers, in between bathroom tiles, on wallpaper, around toilets and sinks, or anywhere that gets extremely damp. So, what are the causes of bathroom mould?

Lack of ventilation

The main cause of mould issues around the home is usually poor ventilation. Mould thrives in damp environments where there is a lot of moisture in the air. Make sure you regularly air out your home by opening the windows and allowing fresh air to flow through your home. Bathrooms with poor ventilation systems will often attract mould. [caption id="attachment_695" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Open Window Source: Overflow.[/caption]


Another key thing that causes mould is leaks. A leak will make your bathroom flooring wet and damp and provide a breeding ground for mould. As soon as you notice a leak, try and get it sorted as soon as possible.

Lack of regular cleaning

Dirty bathrooms that are in need of a deep clean will often have signs of mould. The longer you leave it between cleans the more likely it is that mould will grow. Try and clean your bathroom on a regular basis and get rid of any mould as soon as you spot it. Deep Clean Bath

How to prevent bathroom mould

Here are some tips to help prevent mould occurring in the first place. ● Install a ventilation fan in your bathroom. ● Open the windows and let fresh air in regularly. ● If mould growth recurs, consider getting a dehumidifier. ● If you completely soak your bathroom after a shower or bath, try and wipe up some of the water with a towel. ● Clean your bathroom regularly. ● Store bathroom products properly. Don’t leave them lying around in the shower as this will attract mould. ● Wash bathroom mats, towels and rugs regularly so that they don’t become damp. ● Invest in a mould proof shower curtain or shower unit that’s easy to clean.

How to clean your bathroom and get rid of mould

If you have a build up of mould in your bathroom, then you are going to need to give it a good scrub. Purchase some mould killing products, you can get cleaning sprays that specifically target mould. Other options include: ● Using baking soda to try and clean the mould. ● Wipe down with bleach (see manufacturer's guide as to dilution and instructions for this, and take extreme care). You will need to check whether bleach is safe to use on your bath/shower/tiles/flooring beforehand. Do not mix different products when cleaning. ● Sometimes it’s worth getting a professional cleaner in who will have the knowledge and products to target a mould problem. ● Get rid of any grout that has mould on it and replace it. [caption id="attachment_697" align="alignnone" width="625"]Bathroom Grout Source: Wikihow[/caption] Banner image source: Huffington Post
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