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Benefits Of Walk In Showers

by admin 18 Jul 2019
benefits of walk in showers   Lots of people today are obsessed with walk-in showers, and it is with good reason; not only are the showers stylish and elegant, they can easily be fitted into small spaces but still remain spacious. The versatility of walk-in showers is probably one of the main reasons why they are preferred by many. Anyone who chooses to install a walk-in shower has endless and stylish possibilities from steam baths to rainfall showerheads amongst others that they can consider for their bathroom. Walk-in showers are an appealing bathroom choice because they have a wide range of benefits over bathtubs and other regular showers. Some of Those Benefits Include: The shower drains easily:  walk-in showers are often installed alongside linear drains which typically have a one-way slope in the direction of the drain. This means that every time an individual takes a bath, the water usually flows in a certain direction instead of forming a puddle in the middle of the bathroom. The fact that the water drains easily means that even cleaning the shower after use becomes far much easier. As far as a walk-in shower drain is concerned, users are not limited to the linear drain as they could opt for other drainage options such as the four-sided slope drain. shower drain They are spacious: most traditional shower designs usually required a shower door or curtain, and while today there are some walk-in showers that still require the same, a majority of walk-in showers usually lack the curtains and doors as such giving the illusion of openness and space. Due to the continuity and freedom of space, most walk-in showers tend to appear much larger than they actually are. As previously mentioned, it is possible to fit a walk-in shower into a small space but still, have the shower looking spacious as opposed to if, for example, one had put a bathtub. When installing a walk-in shower or renovating your space, you don't have to fight to put typically large showers in a tiny or an uncommon space; you can simply fit the walk-in shower into whatever space you are working with and voila! Design and styles: with a walk-in shower, homeowners can match their preferred shower design and style with the rest of their home. The market is flooded with many design options that people can choose from regardless of whether they have an eclectic, modern, industrial, or contemporary style. Once you have figured out the design of the walk-in shower, the style of the shower can be accentuated by the various décor pieces that a homeowner chooses to place into their space. They are a value add: today lots of people have busy lives and they will often prefer and appreciate being able to quickly pop in and out of the shower as quickly as possible. Walk-in showers make it possible for people to live efficiently as they try to keep up with their daily lives. Because of this, walk-in showers are often thought of as a value add to the home because not only do they have numerous benefits, they are much easier to clean and also stylish thus making them suitable for several décor styles. As a homeowner looking to increase the value of their property in case of a resale, walk-in showers are the best way to go. Walk-in showers elevate your shower experience: because walk-in showers are typically more spacious or give the illusion of being spacious, the shower experience for individuals is usually taken to greater heights as a user can choose to have their preferred showerhead or even glass panels as the wall of the shower. These details may seem small, but they can quickly improve one’s bathing experience.  For example, a rain shower heads which give one the experience of showering under the rain is said to be soothing and extremely relaxing. They are low maintenance: Unlike other shower options such as bathtubs, walk-in showers are extremely low maintenance as they have different characteristics from the traditional bathtubs or shower cabins. Walk-in showers do not have crooks and crannies that are difficult to clean or accumulate mould and dirt. This, along with the drainage option that is usually installed in the walk-in showers, makes them easy to clean, and enjoyable to use. Finally, as far as maintenance is concerned, walk-in showers do not clog as easily as with a bathtub. The drainage system of the walk-in showers ensures water flows smoothly to avoid clogs. They are durable: Most walk-in showers usually brag a minimalistic design, which means that they have clean lines and fewer parts and protrusions. Because of this, walk-in showers can aptly withstand several years of use as they do not have parts which can fall off or break easily. A well-maintained walk-in shower can easily last for a long time to come. Easily accessible: Walk-in showers are easily accessible for elderly people as well as disabled individuals who may have mobility issues. With walk-in showers, such individuals can effortlessly get into and out of the shower without much assistance. This means that such individuals can minimize their dependency on others when trying to access the bathroom. They are affordable: When it comes down to installation, installing a walk-in shower is not as expensive as other options that you may be considering. This is because the installation process is as straightforward as it gets, and the availability of bathroom fixtures is limitless. One is free to choose whichever walk-in shower and fixture fits their budget, unlike with other bathroom options where one is limited by the availability of fixtures and the number of designs they can choose from. Final Thoughts When it comes down to planning for your bathroom installation, walk-in showers are experiencing increasing popularity as they symbolize modernity.  Also known as curb-less showers, the walk-in showers boast so many benefits that it is hard not to consider them as an option when installing a bathroom. In addition to all the wonderful benefits that they possess, these luxurious showers will give you the ultimate shower experience that will have you enjoying bath time.
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