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Pros and Cons of Replacing Your Bath with a Shower

by admin 14 Jul 2019
Mirrored - The traditional bathroom should always include a bath, as it always has: that’s the way of thinking of most people. Yet, more and more households – particularly those with limited space – are opting to replace a bath with just a shower. If you have multiple bathrooms, converting one into a solo shower room is a sensible idea, but should you do it if you only have one bathroom? Let’s look at the good and the bad of replacing a bath with a shower. The Benefits If you live in a small house or apartment with a bathroom of limited size,  the major benefit of replacing a bath with a shower is that of space saving. A wet room shower screen will fit nicely in a corner of a small bathroom and you can utilise the rest of the space to better effect. Also, a modern shower unit is cheaper to run than a bath; it will use less water and is more efficient in terms of heat and energy use and is a convenient method of washing. A shower is a convenient way of washing your hair, too, and it’s far easier than in a bath. Also, modern design has improved the overall look of shower units – there are some that look very impressive indeed – so you have plenty of choice in terms of looks and style. The shower itself will also be an impressive item, far more than those of just a few years ago, with plenty of features and efficiency aids to make it worth your while. Some even come with lights and audio systems, such has been the progress of technology. The final advantage is time-saving: you get up late in the morning and don’t have time for a bath, yet you do have time for a shower! The Disadvantages First, everyone likes to relax in a nice hot bath. You might even be one of the many people who read a book in the bath – you can’t do that in the shower! Many people also feel they need a bath as well as a shower, as a shower will not be enough on some occasions. If you have children, you may also have difficulty persuading them to get in the shower – even more so than it takes to get them in the bath! If you have elderly residents then you should keep at least one bath, as it is easier for people with limited mobility to use than a shower. Furthermore, not having a bath may be seen as negative if you come to sell your home, so that’s certainly worth considering. It is true that a bath is a welcome addition to a bathroom, but if you do prefer a shower and there is nobody else to consider, then the space, cost and water saving elements involved in replacing it with a shower make it an attractive proposition, so consider all of the aspects carefully and make a sensible decision.
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