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Enjoy Great March Savings Thanks to Serene Bathrooms

by admin 08 Mar 2013
Here at Serene Bathrooms we always endeavour to offer our customers the best quality products at some of the most affordable prices on the market. We are well aware that finances are tight for many at present, which is why we have made a huge effort to cut prices on a wide range of products so you never have to compromise on quality due to the price tag. Read on for a few of the great savings you can make at present;

Orca Chrome Designer Rail

This stunning polished chrome rail will look great in any modern bathroom or en-suite and with a price tag that starts from just £149, giant savings can be made. Available in a variety of sizes with significantly reduced prices across the board, you can incorporate a stylish extra to your bathroom without busting your budget to do so.

Orca Wall Hung Vanity and Tap Set

For an elegant and sublime vanity unit with matching tap set, you won’t go far wrong with this stunning Orca design. With an RRP of £299, you can now have this beautiful set in the bathroom of your home for just £189, a saving of over £100! With fast, free delivery also available, this gloss white finish vanity unit with wall mounted tap set can be in your home before you know it.

Orca 900mm Quadrant & Tray Shower Kit

This phenomenal March deal sees us offering a sleek, modern 900mm quadrant enclosure with an Orca Durastone shower tray for an unbelievable £189, down from its RRP of £399. It is clear that considerable savings are to be had with these two great products, which can in turn very easily revitalise a tired looking bathroom into a fresh, modern and attractive space. More of our great March deals can be found by browsing our website, but don’t think that these are just one month wonders as we make sure to provide the best prices and great deals to our customers all year round, so keep on looking!
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