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3 Quick and Easy Weekend Bathroom Improvement Projects

by admin 25 Feb 2013
When the weekend arrives, there is a strong chance that all you will want to do is rest and relax following the hectic five days you have previously had at work. However, the weekend offers the perfect opportunity for you to embark on home improvement projects, and one such project could involve making improvements to your bathroom space. If you are therefore on the lookout for three quick and easy projects that will make a considerable difference to your bathroom but won’t take up your whole weekend, read on as we at Serene Bathrooms explain more;

Add a Fresh Lick of Paint

Painting the walls in a new, fresh colour can do wonders for the overall appearance of the room and is a task that certainly won’t take up a great deal of your weekend time. A trip to the local shops to pick up your preferred colour in the morning before a quick clear-out of your bathroom possessions once you return will ensure you are then all set to crack on with painting the walls and ceiling in order to revitalise the room.

Introduce a New Shower Enclosure

Whilst this project may take a little longer than painting the walls would, you certainly won’t regret embarking on this task once you see the finished result. If your current shower enclosure is showing signs of wear and tear, why not replace it with a stylish new frameless enclosure that will immediately modernise your space and give you a bathroom you can be proud of once more?

Install Fresh Tiling

One area of the bathroom that can begin to affect the overall aesthetic of the room over time is the tiling, as stained tiles and discoloured grout will undoubtedly occur and consequently impact upon appearance. Although ripping out your old tiles may at first sound like a big project, if you do it step by step, replacing with new tiles and fresh grout along the way, the project won’t take you that long and will instantly improvement the bathroom of your home. There you have it, three quick and easy projects you can work on over the course of weekend that won’t take up all of your spare time but will make a big difference when it comes to the look and cleanliness of your whole bathroom space. Give it a go this coming weekend, you won’t regret it!
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