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Four Types Of Bathroom Lighting You Need To Know About

by admin 08 Feb 2017
Four Types of Bathroom Lighting Currently in your bathroom you might just have a main light switch. If this is the case, you are most likely missing out on lighting opportunities. Bathroom lighting is a little more complex than just having one light bulb illuminating the room. If you want to make the most of your bathroom design, then spend some time sorting out your lighting. The way a bathroom is lit can completely transform how it looks. There are actually four main types of bathroom lighting. Here’s what you need to know about each of them, and how to apply each method to your bathroom.

Task lighting - light yourself up

Bathroom Task Lighting Source: Task lighting is the lighting that helps to show you off at your best. For example, lighting that’s used by mirrors to illuminate your face in a flattering way. The bathroom is the one place where we spend a substantial amount of time perfecting how we look. We look at yourselves every single day in the bathroom mirror, so it’s important that we see ourselves in a good light. So, if you want to nail task lighting, think about how you can light up the mirrors in your bathroom. Experts recommend mounting a light either side of the mirror at eye level, because this provides shadowless illumination. This will create the perfect lighting for putting on makeup or shaving etc. as it lights your face from either side. Don’t add a light above your mirror as this can cast shadows around your face and direct strong light onto your forehead.

Accent lighting - highlighting the best bits

Accent Lighting Bathroom Source: Accent lighting is used in all rooms to highlight features that deserve to stand out. So, if your bathroom has any stand out features like a piece of art, a vase, flowers or a beautiful piece of bathroom furniture, use accent lighting to make it pop. Accent lighting will highlight the things you want people to instantly cast their eyes upon as they enter a room and is a great technique that you can use all around the house. If you need some inspiration with interior and exterior lighting, be sure to check out the LED Light Guides website to find excellent reviews, guides & inspiration boards.

Decorative lighting - beautiful pieces of lighting

Decorative Bathroom Lighting Decorative lighting includes things like artsy light shades and impressive lighting fixtures. If you want to add some decorative lighting, you might want to invest in a few unique lighting options. This is the kind of lighting that people look at in awe and comment on. It’s one for the interior designers out there who know how to pick out a stylish lighting options.

Ambient lighting - illuminate the room

Ambient Bathroom Lighting For a lot of people, their bathroom offers peace and quiet, and somewhere to unwind after a busy day. Ambient lighting can help to create exactly the right atmosphere in your bathroom, as it helps to set the mood. It’s also used as a substitute for natural light, brightens the room and ensure you can see everything. For days where you want to bathe in low light, you may want to invest in dimming lighting options.
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