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Top Tips For A Minimalistic Bathroom

by admin 26 Jan 2017
Minimalist Bathroom Do you prefer to keep things simple? If you don’t like overly fussy or over decorated spaces, then a minimalist bathroom is the perfect option for you. It’s all about going back to basics and keep things fresh and clean. Many people assume that minimalist bathrooms are a little boring, when that’s really not the case. Because of their clean lines and simplicity, they often actually stand out and make more of an impact than complex bathroom designs. Minimalistic bathrooms also have the added advantage of being effortlessly timeless. Because design features aren’t too bold and in your face, they tend to stand the test of time. They also work well for couples who can’t agree on a particular style, and if you are thinking of selling your home. Prospective buyers tend to appreciate the simplicity and openness of a minimal bathroom, and it also allows them to imagine how they might decorate it, because it’s more of a blank slate than a massively over the top design. Here are our top tips for creating a minimalist bathroom: Smart storage options Minimal bathrooms can’t have stuff everywhere, so there needs to be some clever storage solutions. You want to keep everything tucked away out of sight to maintain the clean, crisp look of a minimalistic bathroom. You might want to invest in bathroom storage solutions such as corner cabinets and drawers that fold away. Orca Swirl Vanity Unit Keep it clean and declutter If you want a straightforward, simply and stylish bathroom it can’t be filled with clutter. Get rid of everything you don’t need and try and keep bathroom products and accessories to a minimum. Plus, keep on top of the cleaning to keep your bathroom looking in tip top condition and in line with your theme. Minimalist Bathroom Walk in shower Walk in showers work really well with a minimal theme, particularly with the best designed shower trays. They also feel luxurious and can be adapted to suit your bathroom. Walk in showers look modern and sophisticated which really fits the minimalistic theme. Frameless glass can also work well as an enclosure. Orca Walk-In Shower With Flipper Panel Freestanding baths An enormous bath doesn’t exactly scream simplicity. If you are going to have a bath in your minimal bathroom then perhaps consider a simple yet aesthetically pleasing bath. Freestanding baths will most likely fit the bill, or baths that blend well into your bathroom and don’t take up too much space. Carron Paradigm Freestanding Bath Limit bathroom furniture and accessories It can be easy to get carried away when decorating your bathroom, but if you truly want a minimalistic bathroom, you need to limit the amount of items you use and the complexity of the decor. The nature of minimalism is to avoid clutter and overwhelming people with too many stand out features and things to look at. Minimal Modern Bathroom Design Colour choice is also key You also need to carefully consider your colour choice, as some colours can make a room feel to ‘busy’ and in your face. Softer colours can really work well, but also one bold statement colour can do the trick. Don’t have too many colour combos and stick to one or two key colours to complement your bathroom design. Bathroom Colour Choice
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