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How Spending Time In Your Bathroom Can Help Your Mental Health

by admin 25 Jul 2016
Bathroom Mental Health We all have times when life seems to get on top of us and we feel more stressed than usual. For some reason, things tend to go wrong all at once. When you think about the rooms in your home, which do you think is the place where you can feel most relaxed? A lot of people would say their bathroom. Spending time in your bathroom can have a genuinely positive impact on your mental health. Your bathroom is your safe haven, and a place where you can get away from it all. You can lock your bathroom door and appreciate some ‘you’ time (hopefully) without any interruptions. Here’s some ways spending time in your bathroom can be good for your mind.

Listening to music

A lot of people listen to music while they are in the bath or shower, and this can have a direct impact on your state of mind. It’s widely known that listening to music can ease stress and anxiety. If you have had a rough day, run yourself a nice hot bath and put your favourite music on. Listening To Music In Bath


Having the right scents and smells in your bathroom can help your mental health. If you walk into your bathroom and it smells heavenly, you are likely to feel better. Choose different scents for different purposes, for example, lavender is relaxing and citrus is uplifting. Towel, aromatic candles and other spa objects to make mood relaxing  


The bathroom is arguably the most private room in your home. It’s the only room in many people’s homes that has a lock, so that no one can disturb your down time. A lot of people feel safe in the bathroom, it’s the place many of us go to to clear our heads.  

Soaking in the bath

Obviously soaking in the bath is great for your mental health. Click here to find out all the different health benefits of having a bath. Studies have shown that soaking in a warm bath can lower your blood pressure, which helps relieve stress. Benefits of a Bath - Alone Time

A place to have a pamper

Often when you are feeling down all you need is a little pamper. You can pamper yourself with all sorts of products in your bathroom and come out feeling refreshed and ready to face the world again. Spa Products


Hydrotherapy has been used since ancient times to help to balance the body and mind. You can use hot or cold water depending on what sort of benefits you need. According to Psychology Today, ‘applying water of different temperatures to our skin can change our physiology and mood.  When humans take a cold swim, once over the initial shock of the cold, it is usually very invigorating.’

Bathroom comforts

If your mood is low, have a bath or shower and then wrap yourself up in bathroom comforts such as slippers and a big fluffy dressing gown. These bathroom essentials will help you to feel cosy and relaxed. White Spa Robes  
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