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How To Transform Your Bathroom Into A Man Cave

by admin 18 Jul 2016
    Bathroom Man Cave Transformation Gents, if you live on your own, or have the luxury of having your own bathroom, then there’s no reason why you can’t stamp your style on it. We spend a fair amount of time in our bathrooms, which is why it’s important they make us feel relaxed and at home, and reflect our personality. We have seen some epic bathroom man caves created by stylish guys who have gone the extra mile to make their bathroom awesome. If you do live with someone else, you may not be able to completely transform your bathroom, but you may be able to pitch one or two of these ideas to your partner/housemate. Below are some helpful tips on how to transform your bathroom into a man cave.

Impressive Gadgets

One of the first steps to building your man cave bathroom is getting the right gadgets. High-tech gadgets can be especially useful in the bathroom, and they can also help you to relax. For example, a toilet night light that is motion activated, so you can see where to aim in the middle of the night. Or how about a smart TV that you can mount on the wall above the bath, so you can watch TV with a beer? [caption id="attachment_705" align="alignnone" width="1280"]Smart TV in Bathroom Source: HGTV[/caption]

Masculine Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is a big part of your man cave, so think long and hard about what colours will work best in your bathroom. For example, black tiles can look impressive in a man cave, as well as black, white and even red. Wall textures can also give off a masculine feel, so don’t be afraid to go for something other than a plain white wall. [caption id="attachment_707" align="alignnone" width="900"]Masculine Bathroom Design Source: tradewindsimports[/caption]

Simplistic Storage Solutions

The best man cave bathrooms are often uncluttered, which means you need to be on top of your storage. Invest in some clever storage so that you can keep all of your bathroom supplies out of view. How about this handy tools cabinet?

Impressive Bathroom Accessories

Probably the most important aspect of any man cave is the accessories that can be found within it. You can get all sorts of stylish, outrageous, comical and cool accessories for your bathroom. Wall hangings and bathroom signs with cheeky wording can also make a statement. Here’s a few unique accessory ideas: ● Tools as wall hooks like these spanners ● Bathroom sign - I moustache you a question but I’m shaving it for laterPlumbing pipe toilet holdersDarth Vader shower headPotty putterGuitar shaped toilet seats   [caption id="attachment_709" align="alignnone" width="564"]Plumbing Toilet Roll Holders Source: Pinterest[/caption]

Pinterest Inspiration

There’s loads of inspiration for your mancave bathroom on Pinterest. As well as ideas, it’s a great place to find some DIY projects you can have a go at. Such as using men’s belts to hang up your bathroom shelves for examples. Check out some man cave bathroom ideas.

Choose a theme

You want to stamp your own personality on your bathroom, so try and pick a theme and stick to it. Whether you love sports, movies, comic books or art, you can incorporate your passion into your man cave bathroom.

Luxury bathroom design

Man caves don’t have to be basic, they are often kitted out with impressive furniture and accessories. Treat yourself to a luxurious walk in wet room or some plush bathroom accessories. Banner image source: Fashion Retail News
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