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How To Make Your Bathroom Child Friendly

by admin 20 Jun 2016
Child Friendly Bathrooms Creating a child friendly bathroom can be a real challenge. Wrestling over hot or tepid water, and bright or calm colour palettes can be a minefield. Finding a balance between having a grown-ups bathroom and a children’s bathroom is no easy task. When it comes to your bathroom design, if you have young kids you may want to opt for surfaces that are easier to clean and more difficult to damage. Ultimately the bathroom needs to be suitable longer-term, unless you enjoy redecorating every few years, and over this time it has to be adaptable for a range of ages. 9 and 14 year olds have very different tastes! One thing you can do is use removable wall art and fun stencils that can be removed as your kids get older. So how can you adapt your bathroom to make it safe, functional and fun for all the family? Start with a step!

Build a step into your sink unit

Usually made for average height adults, taps and sinks are often out of reach for younger children. Using the bottom drawer of your vanity unit as a step is a great way to give them a boost without having too much impact on your bathroom design, and when you no longer need it that drawer can be converted back to its usual purpose. Alternatively consider purchasing a small step that can be used for both the sink and for potty training. These can be bought in a range of fun colours so the kids know it’s theirs. [caption id="attachment_648" align="alignnone" width="680"]Bathroom Step for Kids Source: Low Veld[/caption]

Open shelves

Why not try incorporating open shelves into an existing unit? Either remove the doors to your current furniture or include this low level feature when building. This feature will mean you are able to store everyday essentials at a convenient height. Toilet roll and towels become accessible to children while being kept out of direct view of adults using the bathroom. There are also some bathroom products and cleaning solutions that should be kept well away from kids, keep these out of reach in shelves that are higher up, and use a safety lock if necessary.

Coat Hooks

While it is really lovely to use heated towel rails, they can prove a bit of a risk should your children touch them as they reach for a towel. Try using coat hooks; they can be vintage style, named, brightly coloured; whichever suits your colour scheme. Your towels will still be air dried and it’ll provide a little encouragement for messy kids to hang their towels on their own hooks. It’ll also mean less folding for you! [caption id="attachment_649" align="alignnone" width="736"]Bathroom Towel Hooks Source: Etsy[/caption]


If your bathroom is big enough, why not opt for an ottoman? It’ll provide additional storage for baskets full of bath toys as well as a place to tuck away any cleaning products you may need. You’ll also be able to use is as a place for the kids to sit or stand while they dry off or brush their teeth, rather than dripping water all over your floors. If you don’t have the space for an ottoman, get creative.

Personalised Storage

Try putting toys in one basket or box that matches your décor which will sit on a window ledge or could be fixed to the wall as an indoor hanging basket. Why not invest in personalised toothbrush pots or vanity baskets, one for each member of the household. This is the simplest solution to “where’s my….?” Or “who took my….?” Or even “That’s mine!” Each basket, pot or box can be personalised to suit each individual's personality and offers a little personal space in a shared environment. You can purchase some bright and colourful soap dispensers and bathroom accessories that are designed with children in mind. [caption id="attachment_650" align="alignnone" width="655"]Personalised Toothbrush Holders Source: H&H Group[/caption]

Not Too Hot!

Hot water can be a hazard for younger kids who are learning to understand temperature differences. It might be worth investing in temperature controlled taps or installing a safety device to prevent scalding. We want to encourage our kids to learn simple tasks such as washing their hands and brushing their teeth. Try and make this as easy as possible for them by purchasing taps and handles that are simple to use. Some older style bathroom taps, for example, are a real challenge for little hands to turn. Need some advice on creating a child friendly bathroom? Speak to our experts about what products and bathroom accessories might be best for you and your family. Banner Image Source: LowVeld
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