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Shower Trays Buying Guide

by admin 25 Sep 2018
Shower Trays 1A well-chosen shower tray is not just an aesthetically-pleasing finishing touch, but a useful accessory for a shower enclosure. At Serene Bathrooms, we have a small, but stunning collection of shower trays available in an array of materials, shapes, and sizes. With so many choices though, we understand that it can be overwhelming, so we've put together this buying guide to help you pick out the right shower tray for your shower enclosure.

The Shape

The shape of shower tray you choose obviously must fit the shower enclosure you currently have in your home or that you intend to buy. There needs to be no gaps or spaces where water can escape. So, you always need to keep that in mind when choosing a shower tray, as well as whether the shape will be ideal for how the screen or doors open on your shower enclosure and whether you will have adequate room to use it or not. The shower tray shapes available at Serene Bathrooms include: Square - A simple, but an elegant option, that can be used with shower enclosures with various door and screen setups. Square shower trays tend to be more compact and are therefore ideal for smaller bathrooms. Rectangular - Rectangular is similar to the above, but provide more space and are often utilized in shower enclosures with sliding doors. Quadrant - Quadrant shower trays have a very striking shape, that is curved to work with corner enclosures. The shower tray shapes available from Serene Bathrooms have been designed to match and fit our various shower enclosures, so if you are in the market for a full shower renovation, please be sure to choose the correct tray for the enclosure you like.

The Size

Shower TrayObviously, a key factor you need to consider when choosing a shower tray for your enclosure is the size. At Serene Bathrooms, our shower trays are available in a wide variety of sizes, depending on the shape you choose. Our smallest measures at 700mm x 700mm, with our largest measuring at 1800mm x 900mm. It's recommended that you take accurate measurements of your shower enclosure to ensure you make the right decision when choosing one of from our collection.

The Material

Another important consideration you must make when choosing a shower tray is the kind of material you want it to be made from. All the materials used in Serene Bathroom shower trays are waterproof and highly durable. As all Serene Bathroom shower trays are made from high-quality materials, it doesn’t matter which you choose, at the end of the day, you will have a shower tray that lasts a very long time. Grey Tiled Shower Tray The choice you make therefore should be based more on your preference, taking, of course, your current bathroom decor and colour scheme into consideration. The materials used in our range of shower trays include: Acrylic-Coated Stone Resin – This is a material that has been constructed from stone shards that are set into a specially formulated resin. The resin is then moulded into the desired shape, whether it is square, rectangular or quadrant. It is then given a protective and aesthetically-enhancing polish as a finishing. The stone resin is often coated in acrylic to provide additional protection against wear and tear and scratches. Slate and Graphite Effect – Unlike the stone resin shower trays, the Serene Bathrooms graphite and slate effect trays do not contain any actual graphite or slate and are merely designed to give that effect. They are normally constructed from Acrylic, which is highly durable and waterproof. Durastone Resin – Durastone is the material used in the Orca Quadrant shower trays we have available. This is 10 times stronger than standard stone resin and is ideal if you want something that is guaranteed to last.

Why Choose Serene Bathrooms?

You may be wondering why you should choose shower trays from Serene Bathrooms and not one of the many other suppliers out there. If you're looking for simple and elegant low-profile shower trays, we feel passionate that our selection here at Serene Bathrooms are some of the best available on the market. Serene Bathrooms are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying only the best bathroom furniture, shower enclosures, shower accessories and in this case, shower trays. Some of the best reasons for choosing Serene Bathrooms for your shower enclosure and shower tray needs include the fact that all our shower trays are:
  • Designed, made and sourced from the UK
  • Manufactured using only the highest quality, most durable materials
  • Fully compliant with EN274 European shower flow rate standards
  • Backed by guarantees that range from 25 years to 30+ years (depending on the model)
  • Available with free UK delivery
  • Easy to install and come with full instructions on how to complete installation

Check Out What Our Customers Have to Say

Serene Bathrooms are highly regarded and have a sterling reputation among industry experts and the people that really matter, our customers. If you are still unsure about investing in one of our great shower trays, why not check out some of our independent customer reviews and testimonials? This is the best way to cut through the sales talk and figure out if we are as good as we say we are. Client Testimonials

Speak to One of Our Team Today

Although we hope we have been able to answer all questions you may have had and made your shower tray buying experience as enjoyable and effortless as possible, we know that you may have more questions and queries. If you are unsure about anything or would like to speak with one of our team for further assistance in choosing the best shower tray for your shower setup, please do not hesitate to get in contact. We pride ourselves in being a very customer-focused company and have a warm and friendly customer service team that is just waiting to share their expert knowledge of our products with you to help you out. You can either give us a call, use the online contact form or you can use our Live Help Chat and speak directly to one of our team through your browser. Alternatively, if you are ready to buy a shower tray from Serene Bathrooms, check out our fabulous collection right now.
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