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Why Buy A Frameless Shower Enclosure?

by admin 18 Nov 2018
orca_frameless_shower_quadrant_enclosure_1 Bathrooms no longer have to be boring and traditional with no great taste of finishing. Today, there are various ways that you can design your bathroom to bring your design taste. One way of doing this is using frameless shower enclosure. In fact, frameless shower enclosures have become very common these days not just in hotels but also in homes. Besides, the shower enclosures you choose for your home’s shower or bathtub can set the overall tone for the entire room. Although shower curtains can add a bit of color to your bathroom, more and more people are opting for shower enclosures as this increases the aesthetic appeal of their shower while decreasing the risk of leaks.  
By eliminating those lines between your shower and entire bathroom, you are able to have a more spacious feel and make the room look brighter.
  So, if you need your bathroom to have a breathtaking designer edge, fitting a frameless shower enclosure is one of the sure ways that you can achieve that. A shower enclosure will always be on trend as it is modern and crisp. In addition, there is a wide range of frameless shower enclosures that can make a great addition to your bathroom. Who said bathrooms have to be plain and simple only?Frameless Shower Rollers Besides, the majority of the shower enclosures are designed to maintain a light, airy and open feel. The best part is that you can also opt to have one custom made for you based on your own needs. There are quite a number of benefits when it comes to choosing a frameless shower enclosure. Below are some of the benefits and why you should consider installing one in your bathroom.  

Benefits of Frameless Shower Enclosures

  • High-end and Classic Appearance
If you have been to a luxurious spa or high-end hotel bathroom, then you know some of the bathrooms are to die for. And for most homeowners, having such a bathroom can make a lot of change in the design of the home as it makes your bathroom become a relaxing getaway from the day to day life stresses. Frameless shower doors provide a high-end and classic enclosure look as they tend to defy gravity and blend in well with other design elements in your bathroom.
  • Design Enhancement
There are some enclosure options that can lessen other elements inside your bathroom. For Tempered Glassinstance, an outdated and bulky framed door can appear in a negative light or devalue the visual aspect of the tile work in your bathroom and shower area. However, a frameless shower door gives a perfectly clear and unobstructed view which enhances the other design choices of your bathroom.
  • Durable Design
Frameless shower enclosures operate without the typical hardware that is used in glass bathroom doors which makes it one of the most structurally sound glass object in your home. And because the glass is strong and thick, you are guaranteed that your frameless shower enclosure will last for years giving you the service you need and no frequent need to have it replaced.
  • Different Options
While it is common for frameless shower doors to share some characteristics, the enclosed ones come with a range of design options that you can choose from. Not only can they feature different operating methods but they can also be designed around the size and shape of your shower. For instance, while most frameless doors utilize simple hinges to close and open, some frameless enclosures lack a traditional door completely hence remain open whenever you are using the bathroom. In addition, they also occupy less space when compared to most framed shower door types hence provide you with many options when choosing the knobs, showerhead or any other additional accessories that you may want to add to your shower.
  • Safe Design
Besides the durability that we have already discussed, the design requirements that are fundamental in a frameless shower enclosure configuration also helps boost the safety of your bathroom. Some homeowners especially those with kids fear glass enclosures due to ease of breakage and the risk of injury that comes with it. However, frameless shower enclosures are designed from thick glass that is resistant to even the strongest of blows with edges that have been treated to eliminate the risk of scrapes or cuts. And because of the precision that is used in making frameless enclosures, the doors can be used in pretty much any type of bathroom even one meant for use by children or for people who use mobility devices in your home.
  • An illusion of More Space
One of the key considerations when it comes to bathroom design is ensuring that you avoid dividing lines since they have the ability to make your bathroom space seem more cramped or quite small. However, with most of the shower enclosure designs, you won’t need to worry about the need to eliminate those harsh lines that usually create a distraction to yourModern framless shower enclosure bathroom’s visuals. By eliminating those lines between your shower and entire bathroom, you are able to have a more spacious feel and make the room look brighter.
  • High Return on Investment
Frameless shower enclosures are a great deal if you have future plans to resell your house. If your home has a traditional bathroom, but you are considering selling it, you can choose to remodel your home or bathroom and use an enclosure. Today, most residential real estate buyers are quite keen on luxurious finishing and design in the home especially frameless glass enclosures in the bathroom. This means that you are able to get a high return on your investment in the event you decide to sell your home.
  • Easy Maintenance
For anything to do with maintenance in the home, most people love products that can easily be maintained without a lot of hassle. Frameless shower enclosures fall under this category as they are made from glass and therefore have no risk of unwanted organic growth when compared to shower curtains. In addition, they are also designed for use in wet and humid conditions. Besides the risk of unwanted organic growth, they also do not have a metal frame which lowers the amount of limescale and soap scum that your shower enclosure can collect. The enclosure also doesn’t easily develop any type of corrosion that can affect its beauty, functionality or the cleaning of the glass door.  

Disadvantages of Frameless Shower Enclosures

While there are of course lots of benefits and advantages of a frameless shower door, there are also some disadvantages as discussed below.
  • Price
Because frameless shower doors usually require the use of thicker glass weighing about 80 to 100 pounds so as to enable them to stay in place without a frame, they need strong hardware to hold them in place such as solid brass which increases their cost. They are therefore relatively expensive when compared with traditionally framed shower enclosures. If you are on a shoestring budget, you may need to think twice about getting a frameless shower door.
  • Room leaks
Frameless shower doors lack insulating material which leaves behind a lot more room for water to leak from your shower as you bathe. This also makes it tricky to install your showerhead as you will need to strategically install it in a way that water will not nozzle towards any gap or the door. As such, you may need to have your frameless shower enclosure cut in such a way that is precise and one that prevents the possibility of any unnecessary leaks.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shower Door

  • Safety
As discussed, frameless shower enclosures are made from glass and so are some framed doors as well. As you know, whenever a glass shatters, it breaks into several sharp pieces that can be dangerous and result in serious physical harm to you or your family. In the case of a shower, it’s easy to slip and fall and break a glass. As such, it’s important to choose safety-tempered glass which will help prevent the glass from shattering as well as guarantee durability.
  • Shower Position
The position of your shower is something to factor in mind when choosing a shower door. This is because the position impacts the type of door that is suitable for your bathroom space. For instance, while a neo-angle and pivoting fixture may be perfect for an alcove shower or narrow corner, a sliding door is best for bathtubs or wider stalls. If your shower is in the middle of the wall, then a D-shaped door is ideal as you won’t have to stress about a swinging door being in your way.
  • Material Cost
When looking at the cons of frameless shower enclosures, one of the disadvantages we mentioned was that their price is relatively high than that of any other type of enclosure because the glass used in making them is thicker to ensure it doesn’t shatter due to the lack of a frame. And while they may be expensive, they allow for customization which makes them a darling among most homeowners as they are able to specify their exact specifications. In addition, they are easy to clean. So material cost and benefits is quite important in helping you make a decision about your shower door.
  • Bathroom Size
If there is any door that shouldn’t create any hassle in your home when opening or closing, it is your bathroom door. If you have a confined space, opting for the sliding panel to save on space can be a good idea. You opt to install a clear glass that will allow for light penetration which will make the room appear brighter and larger. If your shower, however, occupies a whole wall or expansive space, choosing a patterned swinging panel door can add to the room’s focal point.
  • Bathroom Style
The style of your bathroom – whether traditional or contemporary – should be factored in when choosing a shower enclosure. Frameless enclosures are perfect as they have clean lines that are hinged making them sleek for modern spaces. Semi-framed and framed door options are more commonly found in classic settings.
  • Glass Style
It’s common to share bathrooms in homes. As such, if you share a bathroom either with a spouse or other members of the family like kids, choosing an opaque, textured or frosted shower glass door is a better idea as it will not be easy to see through the glass and it’ll add to the visual and depth interest of your bathroom. But if you need more light in your bathroom, go for clear glass. Sometimes wetroom screens are called frameless and they are frameless by their very nature, but they are really a different concept to a standard shower door or enclosure. If you want to remodel your home or are currently building one, a frameless shower enclosure is such a great option as it has numerous advantages that outweigh the cons. If you have the money, invest in a frameless shower enclosure for your home and give your bathroom a new look that is more stylish.
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