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The Best of Celebrity Bathrooms Designs

by admin 23 Jul 2015
Best of Celebrity Bathroom Designs Celebrities are well known for the outlandish behaviour, ridiculously oversized mansions and lavish taste in design so why would their bathrooms be any different. From solid marble walls to penthouse views, here we countdown our favourite top 5 celebrity bathrooms for you to gawp at. Celebrity Bathroom Pamela Anderson

Known For: Bay Watch, Playboy, Various Cameo Movie & TV Appearances

Pamela Anderson Celebrity Bathroom
Famous from her role in the Baywatch series, Pamela Anderson has made quite a name for herself over the years, most notably her stint in the adult film industry. We're actually pleasantly surprised at how tame Pamelas bathroom is, but with a beautiful marble vanity area like that, we're still extremely jealous. For the last decade, Pamela has slowly disappeared out of the public eye and now features in smaller Hollywood productions and a range of cameos in popular TV series. You can check out her Wikipedia page hereFollow Pamela Anderson on Twitter - @pamfoundation
Pamela Anderson Bio
Celebrity Bathroom 50 Cent

Known For: Rapping, G-Unit Clothing, Get Rich or Die Trying + More

50 Cents Celebrity Bathroom
Real name Curtis James Jackson, 50 cent rose to fame shortly after 2002 with the help of Eminem of and Dr Dre. In all honesty we were expecting diamond studded walls and solid gold taps from 50 cent so we were quite surprised to see a mature approach featuring this lovely solid marble walk-in shower. Known globally for his rapping, 50 Cent has also had commercial success founding a record label, clothes label (G-Unit) and a variety of other ventures. You can check out 50 Cents Wikipedia page hereFollow 50 Cent on Twitter - @50cent
50 Cent Bio
Celebrity Bathroom - Ralph Lauren

Known For: Designer Clothing

Ralph Lauren Celebrity Bathrooms
Ahhh finally some class. Not sure what we expected from Ralph Lauren's home but he certainly delivered. With a very minimalist approach, Ralph has opted for clean cut edges, polished chrome and bright colours. His bathroom features an absolutely stunning glass window which looks out over New York city and a full wall of mirrors which adds a huge amount of light to the room. Opening his first store in 1967, Ralph Lauren is now possibly one of the biggest names in the clothing industry. You can check out Ralph Laurens Wikipedia page hereFollow Ralph Lauren on Twitter - @RalphLauren
Ralph Lauren Bio
Celebrity Bathroom Will Smith

Known For: Fresh Prince of Bell-Air, Independence Day & for just being a dude

Will Smith Celebrity Bathroom
A true worldwide legend, you will struggle to meet someone who doesn't like Will Smith. Featuring in some of the biggest ever Hollywood blockbusters, Will Smith is an A-list celebrity with some serious cash to spare. His mansion-villa is absolutely stunning, as is his bathroom. Using red terracotta colours and built in features such as its own cosy fireplace, this bathroom made it to number 2 on our list. You can check out Will Smiths Wikipedia page hereUnfortunately Will doesn't have Twitter... yet :(
Will Smith Bio
Celebrity Bathroom Nicholas Cage

Known For: Gone in 60 Seconds, Face Off, Con Air + Many More

Nicholas Cage Celebrity Bathroom
We had no choice but the make this our number 1, this is the bathroom dreams are made of. An architects delight, Nicholas Cage has gone all out on this marble paradise and it's quite literally fit for a king. The gorgeous feature filled ceiling and centre piece bath surrounded by marble steps that backs on to the enclosed walk-in shower area looks absolutely fantastic, making this by far our favourite celebrity bathroom. You can check out his Wikipedia page hereUnfortunately Mr Cage doesn't have Twitter either :(
Nicholas Cage Bio
Nicholas Cage Celeb Bathroom 2
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