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10 Simple Bathroom Design Ideas for 2024

by admin 30 Jul 2015

10 Simple Bathroom Design Ideas for 2024

10 Simple Bathroom Design Ideas

Try following the top 10 simple bathroom design ideas fit for 2024. Decorating your bathroom can be a daunting prospect, but we have you covered! Here are 10 different ways that you can decorate your bathroom to make it personal and effective. Whether you're looking to modernise or step back in time, this list should get the creative ideas flowing and give you the inspiration you need to create your dream bathroom.


Bathroom Design Tips 1

Add a Pop Of Colour to Your Bathroom

Simple Bathroom Design Ideas Colour Pop

White bathrooms are the most common decor choice you can have. They keep things light, fresh and spacious, but they can also become too sterile. Mixing white with a pop of colour from your bathroom towels and accessories is a great option to spruce things up. Think white walls and decor with pops of pink from the bathmats and towels. If pink isn't your colour, try red, purple, blue or even green accessories. Need inspiration? There's a huge amount of bathroom decorating ideas available on Pinterest.


Bathroom Design Tips 2

Monochrome Bathroom Design

Monochrome Bathroom Design ideas
If you don't fancy adding something else to your white walls, you can keep it monochrome by using grey and silver to keep it classy. A silver wash basin and modern acrylic bath wont go amiss next to your light grey towels and bathmats. Bathroom Design Tips 3

Modern, Sleek & Tiled Design

Modern Bathroom ideas
Now I'm not talking about going out and buying the latest in toilet technology from Japan, but you can definitely have more of a futuristic looking bathroom. Tiling both the walls and the floor can give this effect in either blue or white, but adding certain silver spotlights and strip lights around the edges of mirrors and bath tubs can definitely enhance it more! Wall hung toilets make a huge difference when modernising your bathroom, we've got a beautiful collection for you to explore here. Bathroom Design Tips 4

Rustic Bathroom Design

Rustic Bathroom Design ideas

Why not try something more warming and rustic when choosing your bathroom decor? Wooden floorboards, sink counters, wooden cabinets and a wooden toilet seat will look great in any bathroom. I recommend using orange and brown towels and mats to keep with the colour scheme. This is an Autumnal look which should ooze warmth.

Bathroom Design Tips 5

70's Retro Bathroom Design

Retro Bathroom Design ideas

Want something fun and lively to keep you occupied while you're in the bath? Trying something retro and 70's could be the one for you. The 70's were filled with busy prints and bright clashing colours, so why not paper your bathroom walls with something dramatic and bright, tile the floors with a complementary colour and make it pop with accessories?

Bathroom Design Tips 6

A Focal Wall Bathroom Design

Focal Wall Bathroom ideas

Another way to brighten up a simple white bathroom is to have a focal wall. You can wallpaper the wall where the bathtub sits with something patterned like florals or shapes. This can brighten it up in a way that nothing else can, but it still keeps thing classic. Like the freestanding bath? We've got a beautiful range of Carron freestanding baths for you to browse.

Bathroom Design Tips 7

Nautical Bathroom Design

Nautical Bathroom ideas

What's a bathroom decor post without something nautical? You don't have to go the full nautical route with a boat wheel, anchors and sails, but you can definitely choose the blue and white colour scheme and include little nautical trinkets for the shelf and window sill.

Bathroom Design Tips 8

Fun & Zesty Designs

Zesty Bathroom Design ideas
A trend for bathrooms that I love is the fun and zesty combination of grey walls with lime and lemon accessories. This can really brighten up any bathroom, be it small or large, and it makes you smile anytime you enter the room. The grey keeps things muted enough so that the zingy shades wont be over powering. Bathroom Design Tips 9

Water Themed Bathroom Designs

Water Themed Bathroom Ideas
Much like having a focal wall, why not try something featuring water ripples or droplets as wallpaper? Having this by your bathtub definitely gives off an interesting vibe that can be both fun and relaxing. I don't know about you, but seeing water like this always reminds me of the Summer which is great for those colder months. Bathroom Design Tips 10

Adding Decorative Elements

Simple Bathroom Design Ideas Rocks Theme
While decorating your walls can be fun and exciting, adding little quirky elements can really give it a personal touch. Using pebbles around your wash basins or around your bathtub can really offer a natural effect that looks unique and inventive.
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