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The Rise of the Stand-alone Shower Unit

by admin 28 Jan 2013
Society dictates everyone’s actions, and this even transpires right down to what we do within the home.  With busy working schedules and hectic lifestyles, convenience is now the order of the day with everyone looking at ways to make things quicker and easier in order to avoid taking up too much time. From what we cook and eat right through to how we wash and dress, if time can be saved, most people will more than likely grab the opportunity with open arms. In terms of washing, something which we at Serene Bathrooms obviously take a keen interest in, there have been many developments from the era when families used to share one bath between all of them! With the increase in ensuite rooms within properties and additional family bathrooms, it is now easier than ever and far less time consuming for a family to wash and bathe at home, however this is now being taken even further. Whilst the bath has previously been the staple of all bathrooms, such busy lifestyles are leading people to look for even greater convenience and in many cases removing the bath from their bathrooms altogether to be replaced by a stand-alone shower unit. When it comes to speed and effectiveness, a shower ticks all the boxes due to the fact that when you need to wash quickly before work in the morning or after a long day in the office, a shower enables you to do so without taking up a great deal of time. This is in contrast to a bath whereby you would have to wait for it to fill up before spending a fair amount of time in it so you didn’t feel like the time and water were wasted! Stand-alone shower units can also add to the aesthetics and practicality of a room with their stylish designs and functional features which make washing the easiest it has ever been. Shower trays effectively capture all excess water whilst large shower heads and glass surrounds look great at the same time as working well on a practical level. The rise in stand-along shower units has been considerable in recent years and is certainly something we have noticed here at Serene Bathrooms. Should you therefore be looking to make your bathroom more convenient and are considering the installation of a shower unit in place of your bath, our selection of units and accessories offer everything you could possibly need!
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