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What’s Hot in 2013- 5 Great Bathroom Design Trends

by admin 18 Feb 2013
Different design trends come in each and every year, so we at Serene Bathrooms thought we’d take you through five of the hottest bathroom design trends for 2013 to give you a bit of inspiration if you are planning a refurbishment project at any point in the coming weeks or months. Read on to discover some of the features that are going to popular in bathrooms up and down the country, all year long;

Make it Eco-Friendly

Through a combination of wanting to save money and protect the environment at the same time, eco-friendly bathroom features are going to be incredibly popular this year. Anything that saves water is going to be highly beneficial when it comes to environmental protection whilst also saving money on your energy bills in the long run too.

Keep it Modern

The modern, streamlined look is overtaking its traditional counterpart in bathrooms nowadays. People prefer the clean, sharp lines of bathroom units whilst neutral colours make the room seem bright and airy as opposed to traditional colours which can make the room more enclosed.

Bring the Outdoors in

Nature is starting to have a considerable influence in 2013 bathroom design, as the likes of granite and quartz countertops look great whilst the use of wood, either real of artificial, is starting to creep back in to the modern day bathroom. Nature is also being reflected in the bathroom through the use of stones, shells and flowers as decorative features.

Space Saving Units

The bathroom is potentially the smallest room in your home, so saving space and utilising all that is available is going to be highly beneficial. The bathroom units of today are designed in a way that provides the additional storage space you require without taking up extra floor space as a result, therefore providing benefits two-fold.

The Spa-Like Haven

The style, functionality and relaxing features of a spa are now being transferred into the bathrooms of our homes as people look to create a spa-like haven to relax in after a hectic day at work. Anything from heated towel rails through to colour changing shower heads, underfloor heating and large frameless shower enclosures can go a long way to replicating the little luxuries you’d only previously been able to find in a spa resort. With these great bathroom design trends in mind, you’ll be well on the way to producing a stunning, fully functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom in your property, and don’t forget that we at Serene Bathrooms are on hand to help you every step of the way.
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