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Treat Yourself to a New Bathroom Suite in the New Year

by admin 21 Dec 2012
Before we know it, 2013 will be here, we’ll be packing away the Christmas decorations for another 12 months and the overtly depressive month of January will be in full swing! If however you want to clear some of the doom and gloom associated with the start of a new year, why not treat yourself to something special? We here at Serene Bathrooms can help you out with this in the form of a stunning new bathroom suite that adds style and increased function to your home, at the same time as most definitely lifting your mood! Read on for further information on just three of the many beautiful bathroom suites we have in our collection;

Arizona Suite Set

If you aren’t blessed with the largest of bathrooms, or wish to update an en-suite or downstairs bathroom, this beautiful suite will compliment the space perfectly. Both the toilet and basin benefit from slim-line designs to save space, yet never compromise in terms of style and appearance as the suite offers everything you’d expect from a designer bathroom suite design.

Quebec Suite

When elegance and stately style is required, the Quebec bathroom suite ticks all the boxes. The converging lines of both the toilet and basin offer a very stately appearance whilst the overall contemporary style will ensure the suite suits a wide range of bathroom decor designs.

Venezuela Suite

If value for money is what you are looking for, you can’t go far wrong with the Venezuela bathroom suite. Manufactured to the very highest standards and utilising the very best materials, this suite will suit a variety of settings from a large family bathroom to an elegant en-suite, and with its easy installation and cost effective price will be a huge benefit all round! So if you are looking to treat yourself in the New Year, come to us at Serene Bathrooms for the very best selection of bathroom suites that are sure to cheer you up and provide you with a bathroom you’ll love to spend time in!
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