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Top 3 Accessories for the Contemporary Bathroom

by admin 17 Dec 2012
With the bathroom playing such an important role within the home environment, you need to ensure that it offers functionality at all times, alongside also looking great in order to be a big aesthetic feature of your property. Whilst the bathroom suite you choose will go a long way to ensuring this, the various accessories you incorporate will also play a part, so we at Serene Bathrooms thought it would be a good idea to run through three of the top accessories to be included within a contemporary bathroom in your home;

Designer Towel Rails

You may be used to having a radiator in your bathroom, but does it do a great deal for the overall appearance of the room? For the stylish, contemporary look, you can’t go far wrong with a designer towel rail as they tick all the boxes in terms of appearance and functionality. Looking great on a tiled wall, designer rails come in a variety of different designs and will effectively help to keep the room warm at the same time as quickly drying used towels ahead of their next use; therefore making the perfect accessory to a room.

Bathroom Furniture

Alongside your bathroom suite, you will of course need a few items of bathroom furniture to provide storage and aesthetic appeal. Depending on the design of bathroom you go for as well as the size and shape of the room, you will need to find bathroom furniture to suit. From contemporary curved corner units through to sharp and sleek glass fronted cupboards, the furniture you choose can have a significant effect on the end result, so choose carefully.

Bathroom Taps

For an eye catching, modern look, you need look no further than the taps you choose for your sink and bath. There are many contemporary designs available that combine both style and function perfectly; making for a great addition to the room. There are designs available that range from the simple and original that still exude the contemporary feel right through to the more exuberant, state-of-the-art taps so no matter how modern you want the room to appear, the taps you decide on can be the perfect way to reflect your design goals. Incorporating these three accessories into the bathroom of your home will set you well on the way to developing a trendy yet highly functional space for all the family, and remember, for the best selection of suites and accessories, always choose Serene Bathrooms!
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