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Wet Room Screen or Shower Enclosure?

by admin 22 Jun 2019
shower enclosure or walk in shower screen   Wet rooms and walk-in shower enclosures have become a very popular option for those installing or renovating their bathrooms. And while they serve the same purpose, wet rooms and shower enclosures are complexly different in many ways. A wet room refers to when the shower is completely open, and the shower floor has a slight gradient but remains even with the entire bathroom floor. A shower enclosure, on the other hand, refers to a cabinet that encases your shower and has a door allowing you to walk through. The wet room shower screen is designed to create a partition within the wet room and as such, creating a shower area within your wet room where the water is retained. The screens are commonly made using glass and are usually less restrictive than the conventional shower enclosures. Shower enclosures, on the other hand, are designed to look like they create an entirely separate “room” within the bathroom. The enclosures are usually available in several different designs such as square enclosures, frameless enclosure, quadrant and offset quadrant enclosures amongst others.  

Pros and Cons of Walk-In Wet Room Screens Over Against Full Shower Enclosures

While the choice of whether to install a wet room screen or a full shower enclosure comes down to preference, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with each of these choices. Below we take a look at some of the said pros and cons that will help you make a decision on which one you should opt for. shower enclosure pros  


  • Ease of access: wet rooms screens give your bathroom a luxurious and stylish appearance, but that is not the only thing they offer. The screens are easy to access which makes it ideal for use by people with disabilities such as those using wheelchairs, elderly individuals with reduced mobility or anyone else who may experience a challenge trying to grip handles. In line with the accessibility factor, there is also an additional safety factor thanks to the lack of a shower tray and non-slip flooring.
  • Adds value to your home and creates the illusion of a designer look: in comparison to shower enclosures, the wet room screens give your home a lavish appearance as the wet room can be the home’s unique selling point should you decide to sell the home in future. The ceiling-to-wall tiling, minimalistic fittings, and fixtures, as well as the open design, oozes simplicity and elegance.
  • Wet room screens are easier to clean in comparison to shower enclosures. The fact that wet rooms usually lack a shower tray is a blessing in disguise because you do not have to worry about cleaning the shower tray. Even if you decided to fit a wall mounted basin or toilet in your wet room, it is still far much easier to clean.
  • The wet rooms screens facilitate spaciousness. Unlike shower enclosures, which usually take up a lot of space and leave you with only the encased space to stand in, wet room screens are the complete opposite. They are space saving and allow for more space in the bathroom making them ideal for small spaces where they aid in the creation of a functional, practical and usable space without needing any bulky fixtures and fittings. With a wet room, you get to maximize your design opportunities.
  • Wet room screens are extremely durable. This is because the wet rooms are highly resistant to water damage and leaks because of their waterproof nature. This reduces the cost of maintenance and keeps your bathroom looking attractive for much longer.
  • Shower enclosures in comparison to wet rooms have a great risk of leaking, and while they are usually installed with some form of sealant, the sealant does the bare minimum as the shower enclosure tends to keep water longer in some of its crevices.


  • It is easier to set up a shower enclosure as opposed to a wet room screen. This is because the wet rooms require waterproofing to avoid damage that can be caused by water leakages. Should you choose to install a wet room screen, you will need to hire a professional fitter to waterproof the room.
  • Wet room screens are expensive to install and maintain. This is because the wet room has to be fully tiled from ceiling to floor, and if you one opts for porous stone tiles; they require sealing every couple of months, which is extremely exhausting. There are also other considerations, such as drainage, tanking, ventilation, and underfloor heating, which can further increase the cost of wet room screens.
  • With wet room screens, there is a likelihood that your home will become less saleable, particularly to a home buyer who may want a home with at least one bath.
  • In comparison to a shower enclosure, everything in your bathroom from towels to toilet paper could get wet. The lack of an enclosure means that your shower is no longer housed in something and you run the risk of causing damage to things in the bathroom that are made using soft furnishings.
  • Wet room screens are limited in terms of design options in comparison to shower enclosures. Shower enclosures can typically be customized while with wet room screens, you are limited to what you can do as far as design goes.


In comparison to full shower enclosures, wet rooms screens are a great bathroom solution as they provide a wide range of benefits and give your house with both style and functionality. You can purchase Wet room screens from different manufacturers in a range of different sizes and a variety of designs depending on which one suits your needs and aesthetic best. The wet room screens are not only low maintenance, but they look good with an elegant contemporary appearance. They are also very appealing to prospective customers should you choose to sell your home. While the total cost of installing a wet room screen might be somewhat more costly than your traditional shower enclosure, the original price is certainly worth the long-term expenditure. Finally, it is advisable to seek a professional’s help before installing the bath of your choice as things such as plumbing and other aspects require skills and appropriate equipment.
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