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What is Carronite Baths?

by Houriyah 21 Jun 2019
what is a carronite bath   

Find out what is carronite baths.

Carronite from Carron

A Carronite bath is a revolutionary addition to your home, designed to elevate your bathing experience to new heights. Developed and patented by Carron Bathrooms in 1986, Carronite baths are made with an innovative, high-tech, glass-reinforced resin that is applied to standard acrylic baths. This special material enhances the durability and performance of the bath, making it stand out in the market. Carronite baths offer a winning combination of the stability and resistance associated with cast iron baths, along with the layout advantages and ease of standard acrylic baths. Not just a functional choice, Carronite baths also bring aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, ensuring a delightful and confident start to your day. Make a wise investment in quality and longevity with Carronite, transforming your daily bath into a luxurious and enduring experience.

Enter Carronite, a special material that takes your bath to a whole new level. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about exceptional quality that adds value to your home and time. But what exactly is Carronite? Developed and patented by Carron Bathrooms in 1986, Carronite is a high-tech, glass-reinforced resin applied to typical acrylic baths. This innovation allows these baths to withstand more stress than conventional acrylic baths in the market.

Picture this: a bath that combines the stability and resistance of cast iron baths with the layout advantages and ease of standard acrylic baths. Carronite accomplishes this by applying a high-density coating to the bottom of the acrylic bath or panel. This ensures that Carronite baths not only provide a great bathing experience but also stand the test of time, giving you the confidence to start your day with blissful humming.


  • Developed and patented by Carron Bathrooms in 1986, Carronite is an innovative, high-tech, glass-reinforced resin.
  • Applied to typical acrylic baths, Carronite enhances their durability and performance, setting them apart from conventional options in the market.

Carronite Bath Key Features

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Durability: Carronite baths can endure more stresses than traditional acrylic baths.
  2. Stability and Resistance: Combines the stability and resistance of cast iron baths with the layout advantages and ease of standard acrylic baths.
  3. High-Quality Coating: A high-density coating is applied to the bottom of the acrylic bath or panel.


Criteria Carronite Baths Cast Iron Baths Acrylic Baths
Durability High, withstands more stress Durable but heavy Standard, less stress tolerance
Weight Moderate Heavy Lightweight
Warmth Retains warmth Can be cold in winter Warmer to touch
Crack Resistance Highly resistant Prone to cracking Moderate resistance
Aesthetics Aesthetically pleasing Classic, but may appear dated Varied designs available
Application Coating on acrylic baths Solid cast iron Standard acrylic material


Benefits of carronite baths?


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Carronite baths are not just about functionality; they are aesthetically pleasing, adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom.
  • Confidence in Quality: Starting your day with a Carronite bath gives you confidence in the high-quality material and design.
  • Longevity: The innovative coating ensures longevity, making Carronite baths a sound investment for your home.
Carronite: An extremely significant aspect of the contemporary home is a bath and the bathroom. The need to relax and enjoy yourself as you undertake on one of the smallest but most significant activities of your day is crucial in today's crowded lifestyles. This is why a well-designed bath can make a difference to the worth of your home and time. There are a number of bath options available in the market ranging from cast iron baths, which are sturdy but heavy and less than ideal for when it is freezing in winter, Porcelain-enameled steel, which feels very warm to the touch but can also crack very easily, and fiberglass, which has a tendency to become dull rather quickly. While these are all great options, nothing comes close to Carronite which is capable of giving you a great bath experience that can only be achieved if you can find a bath that is well made and utilizes this special material. It is a bath that is aesthetically pleasing and of exceptional quality that will help you start your day with confidence and live the day in blissful humming. But what exactly is carronite? Developed and patented by Carron Bathrooms in 1986 carronite is an innovative, high tech, glass reinforced resin that is applied to the typical acrylic baths so that they can endure more stresses than a conventional acrylic bath that are available in the market. Typically, this high-density coating is applied to the bottom of the acrylic bath or panel to ensure that the carronite baths have the stability and resistance affiliated with cast iron baths but with layout advantages and ease of your standard acrylic baths.  


The History of Carronite

Carron Bathrooms which was responsible for inventing Carronite was founded way back in 1759 and named after the area in which the original works were built, i.e. near River Carron in Falkirk, Scotland. However, they were not always known for the production of the beautiful baths that we see in the market today. At its beginning, Carron was the largest ironworks in Europe and was known to produce Carronades, the short distance naval weapons that were instrumental in the defeat of Nelson in the battle of Trafalgar by the French-Spanish fleet. Later on, they invented Carronite which they went on to patent in 1986 as previously mentioned.  


How Does Carronite Baths Work?

A bath made using Carronite usually has three separate layers which make up the strong Carron baths we know, and each serves a different purpose in the structure. These three layers are; an 18mm baseboard layer, a Carronite layer, and an acrylic layer. The 18mm baseboard layer usually gives the bath additional rigidity to resist deformation and ensure that the bath is not bent out of shape.

The Carronite layer acts as a reinforcement layer for the tub covering its underside while encapsulating the baseboard and giving it strength. The Carronite reinforcement is supported by a specially constructed frame and cradle system. Finally, the 5mm acrylic layer which smooth and shiny ensures durability is easy to clean and is stain resistant.

large carronite bathroom  

Should You Consider Using Carronite for Your Bathroom?

  • Baths reinforced with Carronite are strengthened by three different layers and can hold heat about 30 minutes longer than the conventional acrylic baths. This makes them perfect for people who enjoy a lengthy, hot bath.
  • It is durable and more hardwearing and six Carronite baths can allegedly manage to hold the weight of a tri-axle tractor unit. Because the material is stronger and heavier, baths constructed using Carronite are typically sturdier and will give you a more solid experience as you shower or bathe.
  • Carronite baths are not limited in terms of design options. Carron, the company responsible for creating this fantastic material offers a wide range of panels and baths in different styles and sizes. You can even purchase additional extras such as twin grips, headrests and bespoke whirlpools with some of their models.
  • Carronite baths have a 30-year manufacturing faults warranty from the manufacturer, which means you can trust that they are reliable. If you choose to purchase the Carronite baths, you can rest assured in their performance as industry experts endorse these baths more than other baths on the market
  • When installing Carronite baths, you are unlikely to experience any issues related to sealing. This is because the baths have an 18 mm baseboard and an exceptional cradle support system prevent movement and as such offers the much-needed stability and rigidity necessary for minimising the sealing problems.
  • In comparison to cast iron and steel enamelled baths, baths made using Carronite are said to be 25% less slip-resistant, which means that the likelihood of falls and other bathtub related accidents is reduced.
  • It's one of the easier materials to maintain and cleaning it is extremely straightforward, and a clean Carronite surface can be achieved with warm, soapy water.
  • Unlike other materials, some of which once spoilt cannot be fixed, Carronite is repairable. However, it is advisable that you seek the help of a reputable and skilled handyman or even reach out to the manufacturers instead of attempting to fix it yourself. This will save you a lot in terms of money and time as the skilled individual/professional knows how to approach the repair best.

How to fit a carronite bath panel

Fitting a Carronite bath panel is a straightforward process. To begin, gather your essential tools such as a saw, screws, screwdriver, level, and measuring tape. Measure and mark the cutting lines on the Carronite panel, then use a saw to carefully cut it to the required dimensions. Once cut, position the panel against the side of the bath, ensuring a proper alignment.

Secure the panel in place using screws, making sure it is level and securely attached. Confirm the stability by gently pushing on it, and make any necessary adjustments for a snug fit. To prevent water ingress and achieve a polished finish, apply a silicone sealant along the edges of the panel. Double-check the alignment and stability, cleaning any excess sealant for a neat appearance. Following these steps allows for an easy and effective installation of a Carronite bath panel, bringing both durability and aesthetic appeal to your bathing space.


Carron has been at the forefront of design and manufacturing excellence for over 250 years, and they are the company that was tasked with creating Cannons for the British army as well as the famous red telephone booths and pillar boxes that you see around the UK. The bathrooms are a great choice for individuals looking for baths that are not flimsy and will serve them for a long time. This material can be used on different kinds of baths such as shower baths, freestanding baths, corner baths, single ended baths, double ended baths and on many other accessories such as headrests. Taken through an eight-stage process that involves a lot of skill and precision, the craftsmanship of Carron made baths is something that you can rely on. Ensure that your tub/ bath is protected from everyday rigours by using Carronite.
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