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Why are Walk-in Showers Becoming Popular in Bathrooms

by admin 16 Oct 2012
It is becoming an increasingly common occurrence for households across the UK to replace the traditional bath in the bathroom with a stylish walk-in shower. What you may be wondering though is why this is the case and what a walk-in shower can offer you that a bath can’t? Well, we here at Serene Bathrooms are always available to help our customers out with the right information and guidance, so read on to find out more.

Easy Access

Especially for the elderly or disabled, a walk-in shower offers far easier and ultimately safer access than a bath can. Thanks to a walk-in shower , there is nothing to step over in order to enjoy a shower and as they are equipped with slip resistant flooring, the chances of a slip or fall or significantly decreased. Furthermore, they can also be large enough to accommodate a wheelchair and if any members of the household struggle to stand for long periods of time, a fold down chair can be installed to ensure the most comfortable shower possible.

Space Saving

If you aren’t blessed with the largest bathroom, a walk-in shower offers the space saving solution you may be looking for. If the room isn’t large enough to accommodate a bath or you feel your current bathtub just takes up too much space, a walk-in shower utilises the available space far more efficiently and can even be installed in the same space as your old tub was positioned so you really see the difference it can make.

Contemporary Style

Usually designed with extensive amounts of glass, a walk-in shower offers up the illusion of additional space whilst also exuding the modern look many households are after today. With clean, sharp lines, a walk-in shower also provides a cleaner overall look to the room in comparison to the dated, well used bath that may have been in place previously. With people leading busy, often hectic lifestyles, the convenience of taking a shower as opposed to a time consuming bath is fast becoming the preferred choice. With the additional ability to leave you more refreshed and rejuvenated than having a bath could, a walk-in shower offers all the benefits of showering in a modern, enjoyable and easily accessible way; showcasing why they are becoming popular in homes up and down the country.
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