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How to Create the Modern Look in Your Bathroom

by admin 08 Nov 2012
The modern look, with its clean, sharp lines, is a popular design trend in many rooms throughout the home, including the bathroom. As one of the most used rooms in a family home, it is essential that your bathroom is designed to be functional, however this does not mean that you need to compromise in terms of appearance. Various features within your bathroom can be both highly functional at the same time as having the desired effect in terms of aesthetic appeal; you may just need a little guidance to achieve this. So, read on for the best ways to create the modern look without losing any of the ease of use you require;

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Everyone loves a good shower, so you when updating your current bathroom, you will be looking for a shower enclosure which enables this whilst also looking great! Frameless shower enclosures tick all the boxes. From curved corner frameless shower enclosures through to roller doors, walk in and double hinge enclosures, these designs encapsulate the sharp lines, clear glass and all the other features associated with the modern designs of today.

Carron Baths

Although many may now state that they prefer a shower, you can’t deny that a long soak in the bath does wonders! A bath can also do a great job at updating the whole appearance of a bathroom, as long as you choose the right design to suit your available space. There are many options available, and leading design and manufacturer Carron have models that include double and single end, alongside freestanding and corner baths so no matter what the size or shape of your bathroom, there is a stylish, modern looking bath to suit.

Finishing Touches

No matter what room in the home you are decorating, the finishing touches can make the room, so it is important not to run out of steam in the final stages of your project. In terms of your bathroom, one finishing touch that can have a really positive effect is the taps that you choose. Designs including the Seville, Riviera and Fontaine ooze contemporary style and are sure to compliment the many other modern features within the room; again, without ever compromising on functionality and ease of use! There you have it, a stylish shower, bath and the right finishing touches, along with a touch of creativity in the decor and you have the perfect modern bathroom that all the family will love to spend time in!
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