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10 BREATH TAKING Bathroom Views

by admin 24 Aug 2015
10 Breath Taking Bathroom Views Everyone loves to relax in their bath tub, listening to some gentle music and washing the stresses of everyday life away, but what if you could do that in a luxurious bathroom with a view? There are many hotels, ranches and lodges out there that offer some of the most breathtaking views you can imagine while you wind down in the tub, so here are our top 10 bathrooms with incredible views. Tip 1

Shangri-La inside The Shard

10 Incredible Bathrooms from Around The World You don't have to travel too far to overlook the city of London from your bathroom. The Shangri-La hotel inside The Shard has an amazing view across London. It's situated near the London Bridge so you get a great view at night, as well as the London Eye and Big Ben in the background. What better way to sight see and enjoy England's capital than from the luxury of a bath tub. What makes this bathroom so special is the freestanding bath, the focal feature piece in this beautifully modern bathroom. Bath Tip 2

Banyan Tree Shanghai on the Bund, Shanghai

10 Incredible Bathrooms from Around The World Fancy seeing what China has to offer? The Banyan Tree hotel in Shanghai is situated right in the city so you can view the most iconic skyscrapers from their classic wooden bath tub. Having a view like this out across the river while you are in warm water isn't too bad at all! Bath Benefits 3

Ponta Dos Ganchos, Brazil

10 Incredible Bathrooms from Around The World If you want to head off to Brazil and enjoy the South American culture, check out Ponta Dos Ganchos. A gorgeous redwood bathroom with a bath tub situated by the big glass windows to look out onto the ocean. Now that's a view I would definitely enjoy! Bath Benefits 4

Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles

10 Incredible Bathrooms from Around The World Modern relaxation doesn't come more readily than the wonderful Four Seasons Resort Hotel in the Seychelles. If the white sandy beaches and pure blue sea weren't enough for you in the day, you can gaze lovingly at them while you relax in the bath in the evening. Their bath tub is positioned in a glass alcove so no matter where you look, you will see the sea and the outside pool. Love the minimalistic frameless glass effect? We offer a stunning range of walk in frameless glass shower enclosures that can modernise any bathroom. Bath Benefits 5

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

10 Incredible Bathrooms from Around The World The Huyafen Fushi hut in the Maldives might possibly be my favourite vacation spot of them all. Not only are you out on the ocean in your own little house, but the bath tub is outside which means you can really get a sense of being in the sea while you are actually safe in the confounds of your bath. This bathroom with a view is incredible. Bath Benefits 6

Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge, South Africa

10 Incredible Bathrooms from Around The World If you love wild life and can't get enough of your latest safari holiday, the Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge in South Africa has one of the best bathrooms. It's outside on the decking and you get to overlook the plains and hopefully watch nature at its best from your bath tub. Using a tree as a towel rail and candle holder, it can't get much better than this! Bath Benefits 7

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, Greece

10 Incredible Bathrooms from Around The World If you are heading off to Greece sometime soon, you might want to check out the Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort. They have a bathroom which is made mostly of glass with a bath tub in a glass alcove, overlooking the gorgeous Greek blue sea. Who wouldn't love this on their holiday? Greece has some of the best views and looking at them while relaxing is a bonus. Bath Benefits 8

Raffles Praslin, Seychelles

10 Incredible Bathrooms from Around The World Fancy more of a romantic bathroom setting and would love to look out onto the Seychelles hills? Raffles Praslin has a wonderful bathroom right next to a large glass window so you can view the aqua water and the green mountains while you enjoy some floral fragrant scents from inside. Bath Benefits 9

Rosewood Corniche - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

10 Incredible Bathrooms from Around The World Maybe you would like to overlook a city and want to do so in the far East? The Rosewood Corniche in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has a lovely rounded bath tub which is lit up as you look out the glass walls onto the surroundings. You can view the city glowing at night and enjoy a gorgeous sunset. Bath Benefits 10

The Peninsula Shanghai, China

10 Incredible Bathrooms from Around The World If you prefer a bathroom with a more modern and masculine feel to it, then The Peninsula Shanghai hotel in China could be perfect for you. Not only is the bathroom decorated with granite tiles and a TV, but you get to look out onto the cities buildings and at night, that's a beautiful thing, all from the comfort of one of their modern spa baths.
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