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13 DIY Improvements For A More Luxurious Bathroom

by admin 18 Sep 2015
Luxury Bathroom Improvements Your bathroom should be an oasis of calm, and somewhere you want to go to chill out. People sometimes overlook their bathroom, and miss out on the chance to transform it into a luxurious haven. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a completely new bathroom in order to make it feel more luxurious. There are simple changes you can make, products you can buy and home decor tricks that instantly make a bathroom look lavish. Here’s our top tips for making your bathroom feel more luxurious. Tip 1

Heated Towel Rail

Heated Towel Rails You can throw your towels on a radiator, but it doesn’t look quite as smart as a heated towel rail. There’s nothing better than getting out of a hot bath and wrapping yourself up in warm, cosy bath towels. You can get all sorts of different heated towel rails in a wide range of designs. Bath Tip 2

Soft Fluffy Bath Mats

Fluffy Mats Old and tatty bath mats can completely ruin the overall look of a bathroom. It may sound like a very simple change, but upgrading your bath mat can make all the difference. As well as making your bathroom look more upscale, it’s also comforting to step on a lovely soft bath mat as you get out of the shower or bath. You don’t have to have a small simple bath mat, larger statement bath rugs and mats can give your bathroom more personality. Bath Benefits 3

Modern Taps

Upmarket Taps One of the things you use most in your bathroom are your taps. If you want a luxurious, classy bathroom then it’s definitely worth investing in some impressive looking taps. No matter what style your bathroom is, you will be able to find the perfect taps. Having modern, minimalist taps will definitely make your bathroom feel more luxurious. Bath Benefits 4

A Statement Sink (or two)

Statement Sink Another key part of your bathroom that people will notice right away is your sink. It’s a main feature that needs to be just right. If your bathroom is looking less than luxurious, but you don’t want a complete redesign, then upgrade to a more luxurious looking sink. Bath Benefits 5

A Quality Bath

A Quality Bath Your bath is the one place in your home where you can really switch off from the world. If you want to feel pampered then treat yourself to a brand new bath. Choosing the right bath for your bathroom is extremely important. If you have a high quality, impressive and luxury bath then your whole bathroom will look more appealing. Bath Benefits 6

Scented Candles

Scented Candles Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in your bath, listening to calming music and unwinding amongst scented candles. Candles can also look classy when used as bathroom decor and really make a difference to the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Bath Benefits 7

A New Layer of Paint

Lick of Paint Adding a new layer of paint can completely transform your bathroom. If the walls in your bathroom are looking a bit dull then enhance them with a new layer of paint, a brighter colour or be brave and opt for a bold wallpaper or tile design. Bath Benefits 8

Luxury Towels

Fluffy Soft Towels It’s definitely worth spending a bit of money on some plush towels. No matter how good your bathroom looks, it can still be spoiled if you hang up some boring, poor quality towels. Get rid of your old, bland towels and your bathroom will look more luxurious in no time. Bath Benefits 9

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Systems If you love to have a warm, cosy bathroom then upgrade to underfloor heating. It’s horrible when you step out of the shower in winter onto a freezing cold floor. Underfloor heating can make all the difference. It’s a luxury bathroom feature that you will really appreciate, especially in winter. Bath Benefits 10

Bathroom Art

Bathroom Wall Art Many people don’t bother putting any kind of artwork in their bathroom, which is partly why a lot of bathrooms end up looking rather bland. Adding some artwork to your bathroom walls can help to inject some personality into your bathroom as well make it seem more luxurious. 11 - Round

A Bold Mirror

Statement Bathroom Mirror Bathrooms often have very simple and clean looking mirrors. There’s no reason why you can’t choose a more quirky mirror. Larger mirrors can make smaller bathrooms look bigger and more expensive. 12 - Round

Smart Lighting

Smart Bathroom Lighting Show of your bathroom’s strongpoints by using lighting to highlight key features. Brighter lighting can also make your bathroom appear bigger. Don’t be afraid to choose eye catching ceiling lights to add some extra sparkle to your bathroom. 13 - Round

Flowers and Greenery

Bathroom Flowers A simple yet very effective way of making your bathroom look more upscale and classy. Flowers can make a big difference to the way a bathroom looks. Green plants can also make your bathroom look fresher and more vibrant.
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