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The 10 Health Benefits of Having a Bath

by admin 11 Aug 2015
10 Benefits of Taking a Bath Promo Jumping in a hot bubble bath after a long, hard day instantly makes you feel better. Whether you are a shower or a bath person, you can’t argue with the amazing benefits that having a bath can provide. We all know that having a bath can be very soothing and enjoyable, but most people don’t know exactly why soaking in a bath is good for you. Having a bath does much more than help you to relax. Many people in today’s hectic world will choose a quick shower over a bath. However, it’s definitely worth taking the time to have a long soak in the bath every now and then. Here are 10 benefits of having a bath. Tip 1

Increase your blood circulation

Benefits of a Bath - Circulation Having a warm bath is fantastic for improving your circulation. The warm water causes your veins and arteries to expand, providing for space for blood to flow around your body. If you suffer with poor circulation then having a bath is a natural way to help give your circulation a much needed boost. Bath Tip 2

Relieve stress

Benefits of a Bath - Relieve Stress There is no better feeling than getting into a comforting bath when you are very stressed. As soon as you are in the bath, your troubles seem to melt away and you begin to wonder what you were stressing about in the first place. If you are feeling really stressed and anxious, make sure you take a longer soak so that you have enough time to calm your nerves. The warm water will soothe your body and mind and you will gradually begin to unwind. Studies have shown that soaking in a warm bath can help to lower your blood pressure. Bath Benefits 3

Help you drift off to sleep

Benefits of a Bath - Sleep If you struggle with insomnia, then try taking a bath before you go to bed. It’s a natural way of helping you drift off to sleep. When you are in the bath your body temperature increases. Then when you get out you gradually cool down and your brain releases melatonin, which tells your mind and body it's bedtime. Basically, the cool air after a hot bath makes you feel sleepy. The hot water also helps your muscles to relax, which means your body is more limber and ready to unwind. Having a long soak in the bath also relaxes your mind which should make it easier for you to drift off to sleep. Take care not to get so relaxed that you drift off in the bath as this is extremely dangerous! Bath Benefits 4

Fight off colds

Benefits of a Bath - Cold Symptoms Another handy benefit of having a bath is that it can help to relieve the symptoms of a cold. The hot steam from the bath helps to clear your nasal passages, can relieve achy muscles and help to sweat out some of the toxins. Sweating in the bath helps to release toxins through your skin, which can help fight a stubborn cold. Having a bath can actually boost your immune system. Add some essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, lemon or thyme to your bath if you have a cold as they can help relieve symptoms. Bath Benefits 5

Good for your skin

Benefits of a Bath - Good Skin Having regular baths is also beneficial for your skin. Taking a bath cleanses your skin, opens up your pores and leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft. The warmth of the bath leaves your skin feeling moist and supple for longer and can prevent your skin from drying up. It also helps to remove dead skin cells and makes your skin feel lovely and clean. For added benefit, use a moisturising bath bomb or bath soak. Bath Benefits 6

Soothe aches and pains

Benefits of a Bath - Aches and Pains If you have recently done some tough exercise and your muscles are sore then a bath can really help ease your aches and pains. Laying in a bath increases your ability to release muscle tension. After a really hard workout there’s nothing better than soaking in a comforting, pain relieving bath. Bath Benefits 7

Provide you with some alone time

Benefits of a Bath - Alone Time The bathroom is one of the best rooms in the house to get some alone time. We all love our partners and our families, but sometimes you just need some peace and quiet. There’s no better place to get some ‘you time’ than in the bath. Shut the bathroom door, switch off your phone and ignore any distractions. Having a bath can help you to really switch off. Bath Benefits 8

Help you to relax

Benefits of a Bath - Relax Of course having a bath helps you to relax. If you feel like you need some time to unwind then run a hot bath, put on some calming music, light some candles and maybe even bring a cheeky glass of wine in with you. After a few moments of soaking in the bath you will begin to relax and feel like you are in heaven. Bath Benefits 9

Help prevent headaches and migraines

Benefits of a Bath - Headaches Another handy health benefit of taking a bath is that it can help to prevent migraines and headaches. This is simply because it relieves tension, which is a common trigger of headaches. If you feel a headache coming on then jump in the bath, you might find it relieves your symptoms. Baths can also help clear blocked sinuses which can be another cause of headaches. Bath Benefits 10

Improve your psychological wellbeing

Benefits of a Bath - Happiness After you have had a bath you feel in a much better mental state. Having a bath can do wonders for your psychological wellbeing and can help to improve your mood. If you are feeling a bit negative, worried, uncertain or unhappy then have a bath and it might just lift your mood. You will step out the bath feeling more positive and calm. All in all, baths have a huge range of benefits over showers and whilst we're not necessarily saying you should take one everyday, we highly recommend trying to allocate some time at least once a week so you too can see the benefits it provides. If you feel it's time to refresh your bathroom, we have a beautiful range of Carron and Carronite baths to suit everyones needs and style.
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