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9 Of The Coolest 3D Bathroom Floor Designs

by admin 10 Oct 2016
9 Coolest Bathroom Floor Designs You could choose a bathroom floor design that matches the rest of the room, is a neutral colour and that blends in seamlessly. But some people choose to do the absolute opposite. Nowadays, when it comes to bathroom floor designs, you can really get creative. 3D floor designs can make your bathroom feel as though it’s in a completely different location. They will wow your guests and certainly leave an impression. We’ve had a look on Pinterest and found some of the most interesting and unique 3D bathroom floor designs that are guaranteed to turn heads.

1 - RoundThe beach design

[caption id="attachment_870" align="alignnone" width="564"]Bathroom Floor Beach Design Bathroom Floor Beach Design[/caption] Why wouldn’t you want to walk into your bathroom and feel like you are strolling on sandy shores? There’s nothing more relaxing than the sea, and this person has opted to have bring the seaside to their bathroom.

2 - Round The bathroom lawn

Bathroom Floor - The Lawn Is this a bathroom or a garden? Imagine walking into your bathroom to see a floor that looks like it’s made of grass. Green is supposed to be a very relaxing colour as it reminds us of nature.

3 - Round The rubix cube

Bathroom Floor The Rubix Cube This certainly will make your mind boggle. The design makes it look as though the rubix cube pieces are falling down into the depths of the bathroom floor. One for the geniuses out there.

4 - Round The coral reef

Bathroom Floor The Coral Reef Like scuba diving? You can imagine you are in the depths of the sea exploring a beautiful coral reef within the comfort of your own bathroom. Just watch your step as you get out of the shower in this particular bathroom.

5 Swimming with dolphins

Bathroom Floor Swimming Dolphins If you can’t actually swim with dolphins, why not just pretend you are by getting a 3D bathroom design? Every day you will be greeted by two smiling dolphins, what could be better?

6 - Round The rocky river

Bathroom Floor The Rocky River This design is pretty awesome, and reminds us of a natural scene out in the countryside. With this creations you can have stepping stones to walk across your bathroom. It just looks so tranquil.

7 - Round The flowing river

Bathroom Floor The Flowing River Why wouldn’t you want a river flowing through your bathroom? With this design, every day you can pretend to balance on that log to try and get from one side to the other.

8 - Round The woodland path

Bathroom Flooring The Woodland Path Imagine you are out in the middle of the woods and enjoying nature. This bathroom looks super relaxing and even has a path leading up to a rather luxurious bath.

9 - Round The flower

Bathroom Floors The Flower We're pretty sure this is a daisy actually, but you get the idea. Makes a difference to a small water closet...
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