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Best Places To Shop For Unique Bathroom Accessories

by admin 21 Sep 2016
The Best Places To Shop For Bathroom Accessories If you head to your local shopping centre, the chances are you will come across the same old stuff. You don’t want your bathroom to look the same as everyone else’s do you? If you want a bathroom full of accessories with character and a story to tell, then it’s time to change how you source bits and bobs to put in your bathroom. Here’s some places where you can get some really cool and unusual stuff for your bathroom.

Car Boot Sales

Yes, you heard us. There might be an awful lot of junk at car boot sales, but amongst the rubble, if you search enough, you will find a few hidden gems. People sell some really old and antique stuff at car boot sales, which means they are great places to pick up some vintage bathroom accessories and things you won’t find anywhere in the shops Car Boot Sale

Charity Shops

Don’t turn your nose up at charity shops, as the things some people don’t want can be quite surprising. Head to some charity shops in an affluent area and you will be amazed at what you can find. The bigger charity shops often have lots of kitchen and bathroom accessories which will definitely appeal to those going for the vintage look. Posh Charity Shops

Craft Fairs

Not only do craft fairs offer you the chance to purchase homemade crafts which have been made with love, but you can also pick up some tools to help make your own bathroom accessories. Help out people running small independent businesses and collect some truly unique bits for your bathroom. [caption id="attachment_851" align="alignnone" width="800"]Craft Fairs Source: Claireabellemake[/caption]

Trade Shows

Book tickets to trade shows and you may not find the most unique products, but you will be able to get some high tech gadgets and see new products before anyone else. Watch product demonstrations, shop until you drop and pick up a few free samples. For example Home and Gift which will take place in July 2017. Home and Gift Show 2017


If you like handmade stuff and creative designs, then you love what Etsy has to offer. It’s a website where people can sell their own creations, and you can get some really unusual and cool staff for your bathroom. Check out their home and bathroom section for a wonderful selection of quirky bathroom decor. Handmade Soap Basket

On Your Travels

There’s no better time to find really unusual stuff than when you are travelling the world. Not only can you buy stuff for your bathroom that will stand out, but it will remind you of fond memories and experiences. Head to market stalls, little boutique shops and places that sell local arts and crafts. [caption id="attachment_853" align="alignnone" width="801"]Continental Shopping Source: About Mallorca[/caption]

Independent Local Shops

Instead of shopping at big brand shops like Next and Ikea, visit local independent stores. They won’t have a big stock of the same products, will often sell stuff made by local people and have lots of unique accessories to choose from. His & Hers Toothbrush Holder
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