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Our Favourite Outdoor Bathrooms Around The World

by admin 21 Oct 2016
Our Fave Outdoor Baths Have you ever had the pleasure of sitting outside in a warm bath whilst breathing in cool air or staring out at a stunning natural landscape? In a few locations around the world, this is actually possible. Some hotels have absolutely awe-inspiring outdoor bathrooms where you can be close to nature, or take in amazing city vistas. Here’s a few of our personal favourites...

1 - Round Elsa's Kopje, Meru National Park (Kenya)

Just look at that breathtaking view. After a day out on a thrilling safari, you might want to rest your aching muscles in this wonderful tub which is located in the middle of the wilderness. Sip on Champagne, chill in the bath and switch off from the world. [caption id="attachment_885" align="alignnone" width="690"]Elsa’s Kopje, Meru National Park, Kenya Source: The Luxury Safari Company[/caption]  

2 - Round   The Islands of Copperfield Bay (Bahamas)

This looks like pure paradise to us, sitting in a bath just a few metres from a beautiful beach. Just look at that amazing view! We also love the enormous, stone bath. Pure luxury. Plus, this bathroom still offers an element of privacy. Once you hop in that bath, people shouldn’t be able to see you from the beach. [caption id="attachment_886" align="alignnone" width="625"]The Islands of Copperfield Bay Source: Mushacay[/caption]  

3 - Round Madikwe Game Reserve (South Africa)

You can't really get more outdoors than this. As you can see, at this hotel, it’s quite possible to sit in the bath whilst a herd of elephants pass in the distance. What an utterly magical and surreal experience that would be! [caption id="attachment_887" align="alignnone" width="690"]Honeymoon Suite Bathroom South Africa Source: The Luxury Safari Company[/caption]

 4 - RoundMadulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge Spa (Sri Lanka)

At this hotel and spa you can literally take a bath amongst the clouds, because it's located in the Knuckles Mountain range 1000 meters above sea level. Have a soak in the tub whilst listening to the sounds of the local Hindu Temple and gaze out over the infinity pool towards the mountains. [caption id="attachment_890" align="alignnone" width="625"]Madulkelle Tea And Eco Lodge Spa, Sri Lanka Source: Madulkelle[/caption]  

5 Tubkaak Resort (Thailand)

If bathing out in the open seems a bit too exposed, then perhaps this outdoor bathroom would be more suitable, because it offers privacy. You can sit outside and enjoy this stunning bathroom, but not have to worry about anyone seeing you. [caption id="attachment_891" align="alignnone" width="625"]Tubkaak Resort Thailand Source: Tubkaak Resort[/caption]

6 - Round One & Only Le Saint Géran (Mauritius)

This bathroom had to make it onto the list, for those who prefer a shower to a bath. We think having a shower here would be a wonderfully relaxing experience. [caption id="attachment_892" align="alignnone" width="449"]One & Only Le Saint Géran, Mauritius Source: One & Only Resorts[/caption]

7 - Round GoldenEye Resort & Hotel, Jamaica

These authentic rooms come with this outdoor bath, so if you love being surrounded by nature then this is the place for you. [caption id="attachment_893" align="alignnone" width="720"]GoldenEye Resort & Hotel, Jamaica Source: Oyster[/caption]
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