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Bathroom Improvement Ideas for 2013

by admin 15 Nov 2012
As we creep towards the festive season and then on into the new year, it is around this time that homeowners begin to consider the potential home improvement projects they would like to embark on in order to improve or keep up appearances. If your bathroom really needs refreshing to bring it back from a dated, over-used space into a modern spa-like retreat, read on to discover some ideas for improvement come 2013;

Out with the Old

The new year gives you the perfect opportunity to go out with the old and in with the new, and this can certainly refer to your bathroom. Old fashioned, dated sinks, baths or shower units can be easily replaced to create a modern look with clean, sharp lines that truly brings the space into the 21st century in terms of its design, at the same time as developing a more inviting space within which you will enjoy spending time.

Create Additional Space

With more people now leading busy, hectic lifestyles, the opportunity to create additional space within a bathroom can be achieved by removing the bath and replacing it with a stylish looking shower enclosure. If you don’t have the time for a bath and long to have more floor space within your bathroom, frameless shower enclosures offer the space saving alternative at the same time as playing a large part in creating the modern design you desire whilst never compromising on functionality.

Make the Room Inviting

Whilst functionality remains one of the key features of the room, making the space inviting will encourage the air of relaxation that should be associated with your bathroom. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, from the style of bathroom suite you choose right down to the taps you install, the towels you have on show and the decorative finishing touches. If you get these features right, you will soon turn the emphasis of the room from being a purely functional space into an inviting area that you will love to escape to after a stressful day at work. With 2013 on the horizon, get your thinking caps on and decide how you are going to change and improve your family bathroom for the better heading into the new year!
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