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Does a Bath Still Hold a Practical Purpose in the Modern Home

by admin 26 Nov 2012
With an increasing number of people leading busy, hectic lifestyles, it seems that the ability to take the time out of the day to enjoy a relaxing, soothing bath just isn’t available anymore. This therefore begs the question as to whether the bath holds a place in the bathroom of the modern family of today or whether it has become obsolete as time has moved on? Here, we at Serene Bathrooms want to take you through a few of the reasons why it is still advisable to keep the traditional bath in your bathroom as opposed to removing altogether;


Baths designed today are often at the cutting edge of style and will certainly add something aesthetically to your overall bathroom design. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, baths can now be bought that fit an available space rather than you having to design the layout of your whole bathroom around your bath in order to fit it in. Carron baths for instance are available in a range of different styles, from single and double end baths right through to free standing models, shower-baths and corner baths, so no matter how much space is available to you, there will more than likely be a bath to suit.


After a long, hard day at work, sometimes a shower just doesn’t offer the level of relaxation you are after. There is nothing quite like escaping to the bathroom with your favourite book in hand, turning on the taps to fill up your bath before pouring in some bubble bath and enjoying a nice, long soak that takes all your troubles away. For a family, baths are also highly functional as they provide the perfect location for bathing a baby and as they get that little bit older, where else but in the bath can they play with their rubber ducks and toy boats?


Somehow a bathroom just doesn’t look quite right without a bath in it. In terms of appearance, a bath is often the focal point of the room and will instantly catch the eye, and this applies to both a traditional and modern bathroom. There is nothing stopping you from incorporating both a shower and a bath into your bathroom, either through a shower over the bath if space is limited or through a separate shower enclosure should floor space be more freely available, so you can enjoy the benefits of both forms of bathing. Hopefully this post will have convinced you that a bath does still hold a practical purpose in the modern home and you will come to us here at Serene Bathrooms for the best when it comes to choice! Alternatively, should you feel a bath is no longer suitable for your household, we have a great range of stunning shower enclosures that may be right up your street!
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