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How To Clean Wet Room Shower Screens

by admin 02 Jun 2019
wet room shower screen clean   The text below is a transcript from an excellent Youtube video that shows how to clean shower screens that have difficult stains to remove. We found it worked so well, we wanted to share it with you.   wet room shower screens cleaning   Hey guys, this video is going to be on how to remove hard water stains from your wet room shower screens. What you're going to need is some Dawn Dish Soap and some white vinegar and a measuring cup. You're going to start off by getting a bowl and you're going to go ahead and add one cup of the Dawn and then you're going to go ahead and grab your white vinegar and add a cup of that. Once you have your mixture you're going to go ahead and grab an old sponge and then just start to mix everything together. So my shower doors were really bad and I had tried everything and anything and nothing was working and I saw this DIY post on Pinterest and I was so shocked at the results! So you can see how bad my shower doors were and we're going to start off by grabbing the sponge and then very generously start to wipe all of the shower screens. So here is what your shower doors should look like and again you want to be very generous when you're wiping the door and then I'm just repeating the same steps on the other side. So this is what they should look like once you're done and you want to let this sit for about 15 minutes before you start to water it down, and then you need to get a jug and I filled it up with water and you need to throw the water on the door to wipe off the dawn and the vinegar. Then once you have finished adding the water, you can get hold of some paper towels and my Method Glass Cleaner and then start to clean off the excess dawn and vinegar that is left. Once done with cleaning the inside I went ahead and wiped down the outside as well. You can already see how clean these doors looked I was so shocked on the result and as I mentioned before, I had tried everything and nothing was taking off the stains. Look how good that worked! I'm so impressed and this is definitely going to be my go-to when I clean these shower screens. View the video here:  
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