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How to DIY Fix a Cracked Shower Tray - Crack Repair

by admin 13 Jul 2019


fix a cracked shower tray repair
Your DIY guide on how to fix a cracked shower tray. I'm sure you're wondering how to find the best shower tray repair kit or if it's worth replacing your cracked tray completely. Rest assured, we will guide you to the the best solutions. 


Your shower enclosure will undergo a lot of use during its lifetime, and it’s no surprise that it can sustain some damage. However expensive or top-quality your shower tray is. If something heavy is dropped or the tray is mistreated, it is inevitable that cracks, chips and scratches will appear. 

A cracked shower tray is not unusual, but it is not something that cannot be fixed. It is important that cracks in a shower tray are fixed properly. Water seeping through can cause mould, damp and further extensive damages – and very quickly, too. S o if you want to know how to fix it, you’re in the right place!

Here’s our very brief guide to fixing a cracked shower tray in easy steps. You can also use this guide for your bath repair.

Step by Step Guide 

how to DIY fix a cracked shower tray
 Easy step by step instructions

Get the Right Repair Materials 

Understanding the right tools you need to repair your cracked shower tray can be frustrating! You need to buy the right repair kit for your shower or bath. Check beforehand if you need a stone resin one or an acrylic model. Your local hardware store will be able to sell you the right repair cracked shower tray kit. Talk to them about the best way forward. How useful can grit sandpaper be?

Examine the Shower Crack

Check that you have the exact location of the crack pinpointed and that there are no more. An unnoticed crack may have caused strain on your shower tray and led to more cracks appearing, so you need to be aware of all of them and the full extent.

Clean the Cracked Shower Tray

To apply the epoxy fixing and the patch that will cover the crack it needs to be perfectly clean, so give your shower tray a thorough wash before you begin the process, and leave it to dry completely.

Using a DIY Crack Filler or Patch

There are two methods of physically fixing a shower tray crack; one is to use filler, and the other is to apply a fibreglass patch. Your local store will be able to advise you on which route you need to take, and both are simple jobs. In each case, you need to prepare the crack for fixing by sanding down around it; the rough surface you create will help the epoxy or resin to attach correctly. Brush away the dust, and you are ready to fix the crack.

  • Filler - Apply the filler that you have been supplied as directed on the container; it may consist of two elements that need to be mixed, so do this in a throw-away container. Apply it nice and thick to the crack – remember you will smooth it out later so don’t worry about how it looks at this point – and then leave it to dry. It’s best to leave overnight to be certain. To finish off, sand away the excess until you are happy with how it looks, and you’re done!  
  • Patch - Apply the glue and patch to the crack as directed by the makers, and trim away any excess. Leave it to dry, and trim further if required – and that’s it! That’s how easy it is to fix a cracked shower tray, but be aware that if cracks appear regularly or you can see more than one it may be that your tray is incorrectly fitted, so it might be advisable to get a professional in to have a look. For single cracks, the DIY way saves you a great deal of money!

    How to find the best shower tray repair kit?

    Embarking on the journey to restore your dream bathroom begins with finding the perfect shower tray repair kit. Discovering the ideal solution not only enhances your daily routine but also ensures a cost-effective and lasting alternative. We'll navigate through the process of selecting the best repair kit while showcasing the compelling advantages of choosing our collection for a hassle-free replacement.

    1. Evaluate the Damage: Before diving into the market, assess your shower tray's damage thoroughly. Whether it's cracks, chips, or discolouration, identifying the issue allows you to pinpoint the right repair kit for your specific needs.

    2. Prioritise Quality Materials: Quality matters when it comes to repair kits. Seek those crafted from top-tier materials like epoxy resin or acrylic-based compounds for durability and longevity. The goal is not just a quick fix but a solution that stands the test of time.

    3. User-Friendly Application: Choose a repair kit that simplifies the DIY process, even for novices. Opt for kits with clear instructions and all the necessary tools for a smooth and efficient repair, eliminating the need for professional assistance.

    4. Aesthetic Appeal: While functionality is paramount, aesthetics play a crucial role. Look for a repair kit that seamlessly blends with your shower tray's colour and texture, ensuring the repaired area not only performs well but also looks visually appealing.

    5. Think Long-Term: Consider the long-term viability of your shower tray. If the damage is extensive or recurrent, opting for a replacement might be more prudent. Our collection of shower trays provides various styles, sizes, and materials, offering a comprehensive and lasting solution.

    6. Cost-Effective Alternative - Our Collection: Choosing a new shower tray from our collection presents a cost-effective alternative to frequent repairs. Crafted with durability in mind and using high-quality materials, our trays withstand the test of time. With a diverse range of styles and sizes, finding a replacement that suits your budget and complements your bathroom aesthetic is a seamless process.

    Selecting the best shower tray repair kit involves careful consideration of factors such as materials, ease of application, and long-term effectiveness. While a repair kit can offer a quick fix, our collection of shower trays provides an attractive alternative, ensuring not only a hassle-free repair process but also a stylish and enduring solution for your bathroom. Transform your shower experience today with our reliable and aesthetically pleasing shower tray options.



    How to Repair a Cracked Shower Tray? 

    Repairing a cracked shower tray involves cleaning the damaged area, applying a suitable repair kit or epoxy resin, and allowing it to cure. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the repair kit, ensuring a thorough and lasting fix.

    How to Fix a Crack in a Shower Tray? 

    To fix a crack in a shower tray, start by cleaning the crack and the surrounding area. Use a shower tray repair kit or epoxy designed for the specific material of your tray. Apply the repair material evenly, let it set, and sand it down for a smooth finish.

    Why Has My Shower Tray Cracked? 

    Shower tray cracks can result from various factors, including heavy impact, poor installation, or structural movement. In some cases, water damage or using harsh cleaning chemicals may also weaken the material over time, leading to cracks.

    How Do I Reseal a Shower Tray?

    To reseal a shower tray, remove the old sealant using a scraper or knife, ensuring a clean surface. Apply a new bead of silicone sealant along the edges of the tray, smoothing it with a sealant tool or your finger. Allow it to dry completely before using the shower.

    How to Replace a Shower Tray? 

    Replacing a shower tray involves turning off the water supply, disconnecting the drain, and removing the old tray carefully. Ensure the new tray matches the dimensions of the old one and follows the manufacturer's installation guidelines. Securely connect the drain and reseal the edges for a watertight fit.

    Remember, if you're unsure about tackling any of these tasks, it's advisable to seek professional assistance to ensure a safe and effective solution for your shower tray issues.

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