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Seven Reasons Why Having A Bath In The Winter Is Pure Bliss

by admin 12 Dec 2016
Seven Reasons for Winter Bath You know it’s officially winter when your face starts to feel like an icicle every time you step outside and gloves become a mandatory accessory. We’ve entered the colder months of the year which means more hot drinks, fluffy clothing and satisfying hot baths. Yes, there’s no other time of year where a super hot bath feels more satisfying. It’s during the next few months that you will probably have the dilemma of wanting to have a bath most days, but settling for the odd shower to try and save water. Also, having too many scorching hot baths can dry out and irritate your skin. But, when you do grant yourself a long, hot, bubbly bath, make sure you savour it. There’s no better feeling in the winter than stepping into a warm bath after spending time outside in sub-zero temperatures. Here’s seven reasons why having a bath in the winter is pure bliss...

1 - Round You feel oh so cosy afterwards

You can be absolutely chilled to the bone before having a bath, and then afterwards you have a nice rosy glow. Put on some warm pajamas, a nice pair of slippers and a fluffy dressing gown and you will stay toasty all evening. [caption id="attachment_1005" align="alignnone" width="500"]Ravenna Robe Source: The Fine Cotton Company[/caption]

2 - Round You can use festive bath bombs

Have you seen how epic some festive bath bombs are? Only during the winter does it feel right to fill your bath with the most glittery, bubbly, festive bombs. [caption id="attachment_1006" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Christmas Bath Bombs Source: Raspberry Kiss[/caption] 3 - Round You can team it with festive beverages A summer bath might require a glass of sauvignon blanc, but in winter you can opt for a deep red wine or maybe even some mulled wine or gingerbread chai tea for some extra warmth (although do take care not to burn yourself!). Make your bath even more Christmassy with a festive beverage. [caption id="attachment_1007" align="alignnone" width="1024"]A Glass of Wine in Bath Source: Snooth[/caption] 4 - Round It thaws frosty fingers and toes You know those days when your fingers and toes just won’t seem to warm up, even if you throw on the thickest pair of socks or gloves? A good old bath can get them feeling nice and warm in no time. Toes in Bubble Bath 5 It relaxes your muscles Your muscles and joints may feel a little more stiff in the winter when the weather is colder. Having a warm bath can help loosen your muscles and soothe certain aches and pains. [caption id="attachment_1009" align="alignnone" width="852"]Relax Muscles In Bath Source: World Lifestyle[/caption] 6 - Round Listening to festive tunes in the bath is the best Soak in a lovely hot bath and sing along to your favourite Christmas songs. All I want for Christmas by Mariah is an absolute must. Light some festive candles and fill their air with christmas scents and you will most definitely be in the mood for xmas. Listening To Music In Bath 7 - Round Your house is nice and cosy So when you get out of the bath you won’t be hit with a wave of freezing cold air. If you have a bath when the heating is on, when you get out you can slip into a dressing gown or your nightwear and carry on the cosiness, ready to fall asleep... Benefits of a Bath - Sleep    
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