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Your Bathroom & Your Bedtime Routine

by admin 23 Jan 2017
Your Bathroom & Your Bedtime Routine Ah, the bedtime beauty routine. At times, this can be a welcome treat, but regularly? Not so much. Particularly those evenings when you’re already feeling content in your comfy pyjamas, nestled cosily on the sofa and ready to head straight off to sleep and count those sheep. What you need is a place where you can continue the relaxing theme of the evening. A haven for winding down. This is where your bathroom comes into play. Here’s how you can make it the perfect spot for your bedtime routine. Invite yourself in Cool colours are often the obvious choice when it comes to bathroom design but this aquatic style can leave you feeling a bit out in the cold. Try adding splashes of warmth around the room as a way to make the space more inviting. You could add some flecks of red and orange paint or hang some rich wall art. You could even invest in some seriously snug underfloor heating as an extra welcome. Thermotouch Underfloor Heating Leave the phone alone Try to make your bathroom a phone free zone, especially when using it as part of this routine. Not only will it make you focus more on getting ready for bed, but it will help to switch off from everyday life, if only for a few tranquil moments. No Phones In Bathroom Line them up Have your essentials all lined up in order of how you want to use them. Not only will this make you more motivated to tackle that stubborn eye make-up but it will make your bathroom look more organised too. Win win. Wrap up warm Place your fluffiest of slippers and robe in strategic places in the bathroom. That way you can step into them after a cosy bath or shower to feel the full benefits of the wind-down. [caption id="attachment_1005" align="alignnone" width="500"]Ravenna Robe Source: The Fine Cotton Company[/caption] Light is key To get the most out of your routine, you need to make sure enough light is on offer. To maintain the right atmosphere, try lighting some candles or installing some spotlights around your mirror. So not only will you be feeling fresh, but fabulous too. [caption id="attachment_1007" align="alignnone" width="1024"]A Glass of Wine in Bath Source: Snooth[/caption] Treat yourself To inject some excitement into your routine, invest in some treats. Whether it be a dreamy face mask, some new bombs for your bath or a sweet smelling body lotion, the addition of occasional new and exciting products will be sure to have you heading for the bathroom, come bedtime. Set up a bathroom playlist Dedicate an area of your bathroom to music, select your most tranquil of tunes, and press play. This will help not only with your motivation to get ready for a good nights sleep but also in the assistance of drifting off. Listening To Music In Bath   Beauty corner If your budget allows for the addition of a new piece of furniture, you could look to implement an entire vanity unit to aid in your bedtime routine. This could in turn, be a dedicated corner for you to really start the winding down process. Voila! Bedtime has never looked so good.
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